Anil kumble or rahul dravid who is the best choice as captain?

anil is far better than rahul dravid.rahul is very poor in decesion making.i think anil will be a good inspiration for our players.


Should shwag play's the world cup?(

we should give a chance to him also, after he handles the presure we can decide who is the best person...

Who is the favourite to win Cricket World Cup 2007?

rahul dravid

Who will be the most valuable player in wc '07?

anil kumble becuase he can insipre the team by taking wickets and rahul dravid wouldn't be able to stand the pressure as captain

If any one know about a way to watch cricket world cup live and free. (on the internet)?

yes anil is the best choice as a captain because he is a good bowler ,he plays well in all matches ,he takes more than 6 wickets in a match

Im watching the world cup cricket, what do you think the reasons for the Bob Woolmer murder were?

rahul & anil are nice choices but I think sachinbhai is best...

Do you think the squash ball in Gilchrist's left hand was legal?

none.only Sourav Ganguly is able to become a captain.he is the best captain.

Gregg Chappel died..?

i think dravid is always better , than anyone in the team now in all aspects .. never yell on him

remember "better" from the exiting team only..we had very good handling captains like azhar , kapil etc..

kumble has been in the team for 20+ years even now he lacks in fielding and batting...

Why Bangladesh loss match?


Is Kenya the first African nation to play the cricket World Cup?

rahul is immature yet but in future he will be like Steve Waugh

Who got most number of great players in cricket team? india, pakistan, Australia? and tell players name too.?

Has anil kumble captained!!!!!!!...

Rahul is good but not best bcz best is our "DADA".

Do u think that ashish nehra and lp balaji should be given a chance?

Now Indian team is in do or die battle... so even I can become a captain..

Which players u want to retire from india cricket team?

RAHUL is definitely better captain than kumble.
Anil is also a great player but Rahul has more experience as captain than
Anil has.this will definitely help him to take policy decisions.This will also help Anil to concentrate more on bowling when on field while Rahul is a specialist batsman.
Some suggest GANGULY , he is a great player no doubt but he has just returned to international cricket.LET US GIVE SOME TIME TO TAKE UP THE RESPONSIBILITY. Let him get adjusted with that level first.

Who else thinks Sachin is over rated & is sick of seeing his name on Answers?

If u see by my point of viev i think both would be good as captain but rahul is better as he has a expirence
u cant say that he is not a good captain as captaincy is not a child's play.

Can a batsman be declared out if the fielder catches his balls instead of the ball ?

Dravid would be a better choice simply cos hes more of a leader than kumble. I've met kumble and the dude is definetly not a talker and seemed quite stuck up, i cant really see him going out of his way to help the new comers like sourav n dravid did. Dravid's decesions arent that bad, he'll learn. Plus am not too big a fan of a bowling captain...

Against which country has steve waugh scored his only century in world cup?

Rahul Dravid is a good & best captain

Which was the biggest win in world cup history by run margin?

neither of both.only SACHIN is the best

What is the score of Ind.v/s.Ban. for today's match?

I think its Anil kumble he has the capability which we never checked.

Is it the right time for Mc Grath to retire from International Cricket...?


Who is the person to take hat-trick in 2007 WORLDCUP?

Rahul hands down.Anil does not even have a permanent place in the team. How can you make him captain.

Where to see the highlights of India and bermuda?

u gotta giv chance to the best indian bowler...anil choice

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definitely Rahul Dravid...
You can't put too much pressure on anil kumble

At last, we have rediscovered the Vintage Gilchrist. Can we now rediscover the Vintage Sehwag as well?

rahul dravid

What shall I buy for my man on Valentines? He's crazy about Cricket? He support Pakistani Team though..?

I think anil kumble should be captain bcoz he can improve indian team.He is also a consistent bowler while dravid withoutv pressure he can bring his natural game.Rahul needs to improve a lot as a captain.

Who is india's first digiman?


What is a Night Watchman and a Hat-Trick relating to Cricket?


When will be sslc 2007 results announced in the website?


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