All ASIANS are you with us?

All Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, u'r brother will fight today for the future of subcontinetal cricket, for almost 11 years we have failed to beat the English men. I think now its time, to roar out the kangaroos... so will u let u'r brother alone?? or will u b there with him??


Cricket made us an international competant in sports, other than any other sport in india.?

Neighbours support Sri Lanka. Don't worry. They all have this sub continental feeling. Wouldn't we do the same for them?

I know some English fans support Sri Lanka too..

Many are just tired of Australia's monopoly in cricket.
Anyway I respect their talent, though Sri Lanka is the personal favourite.

Cricket in general?

go sri lanka

India lost same old result? who should be kicked out and who should resign from the indian team? i m sad ...?

A good sentiment voiced by you, which augurs well for future of cricket in the subcontinent. As the SriLankans hope, Srilankan win will bring more understanding and lasting peace in their country, their win should also help unite the sub-continent to strive for peaceful co-existance. We, Asians are certainly with you Sri Lankans. Best of luck.

Who is the indian cricket team capition in1992?

kangaroos will give you guys a hiding

Where is rahul singh. M B A guy?

All Asians.. there will be a supply of Kangroo meat from Carebian from Sunday.

I want to see BIG MOUTH ricky ponting close his mouth after thodays match. Let's do it Lankans... we can do that...whole world with Lankans except Big Mouth Aussies.

As you all aware cricket world cup is going to start tomorrow just want to know?

Yes of course...!

You want which country to win ODI series between pakistan and sri lanka?

Yes.Let's just hope that the Lankans win the cup

Why no cricket in the olympics?

Yes Sri Lanka we are with you. Get the cup .

Who is sachine Tandulkar and why did he taken interest in cirect games and why he not playing good game.?

Not only Asians the whole world is with Sri Lanka except Australia. C'mon Team Sri Lanka, we'll beat the Aussies and end their greed.

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