An ambidextrous cricketer who bowls left handed normally wants to bowl with right hand during the course of tt

A cricketer who can use both his hands with equal ease wants to change his style of bowling from right handed to left to try different strategy during the course of the game to add variety in his team"s attack.Is this permissible under the existing rules of the game?


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He just has to let the umpire know what he's doing, and the umpire then tells the bastmen

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Yes he can bowl left or right, fast or spin any way he wants.
A batsman can bat left or right as well.

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He DOES NOT have to inform the umpire he can change whenever he wants to.

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I think he has to inform the umpire before switching from left hand to right hand bowling. I used to tease the rival team by acting as if was a right hand batsman and then taking my usual stand as a left hand batsman. But it was only during the school tournaments.

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certainly he can

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