Agrresive Bowler?

Question:who is the most agrresive bowler in current cricket?

1-Shoaib Akhtar
2-Brett Lee


Ok guys tell me how long Murali can play in one day Cricket??

Brett Lee & Shoaib Akhtar are both extremely pacy bowlers and can hit batsmen any number of times. If you are talking about agressive being a bowler who is always looking to take wickets, then Murali, but if you mean agressive towards batsmen, with bouncers etc it has to be Brett Lee.

What we must do if india will not qualify for super 8?

Your index is right

Do you think The Pakistan Cricket team "THREW" the game against Ireland?

Maybe you should face Munaf Patel. Even the wicket-keeper begs for mercy.

Give three cheers for Sri Lanka?


Who do u think is the best bowler,all rounder, batsmen,feilder& wicketkeeper?

it's tough to score runs of akhtar and lee,when they are in full swing..but when murali is in that kind of form, its almost impossible...he has almost 1000wickets..its magic..the most aggressive of the three is MURALI

Bevan boys?

ambrose is aggressive of all

Cricket pay online?

Shoaib Akhtar

Bob Woolmer.ball tampering and then some ?

ofcourse it is murali and now sreesanth

Can lanka beat ausses?

Brett Lee man!
He is now one of most fastest
bowler in the world!!
I don't know about Shoaib Akhtar{I know he is the fastest bowler in the world!!}
Muralitharan is OK!

Can we win over Bengladesh in the coming One Day series ..?

makhaya ntini and lasith malinga

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