Are Australia and Sri Lanka the two best cricket teams in the world?


Score india and srilanka?

Dear Australia is the world's best team. After them Srilanka is the best team, Srilanka is the Asian best team, anfter Srilanka Bangladesh is the good team in Asia.

Does the "Satellite TV for PC" really works, if so is the ICC World cup available on this?

No, Australia is the single best cricket team in the world!

What's ur opinion in present indian cricket team?

You cannot put the Sri Lanka team on the same list as the greatest the world has ever seen being the Australians.~~

How to calculate net run rate in cricket one day internationals?

Australia is the most professional cricket team in the world at present. It has been continuing its winning streak in the World Cup since losing to Pakistan in the 1999 World Cup. Australia is the best side and Sri Lanka is the close second as it is a team which combines well and has shown the results by way of its splendid performances in this 2007 World Cup.
The other teams like South Africa, New Zealand, India, West Indies and Pakistan are far behind.

Why they called cricket as tail-ender?

Well, they are in the finals, aren't they? That should answer your question. But I will take the two points, thanks


Why Shahid Afridi wasn;t chosen as the player of match in 2nd ODI vs SA??

These two teams are da best teams in da world.
We are Sri Lankans,
+ We can LIVE Together
+ We can PLAY Together
+ We can WIN Together

Are Aussies back to their best now?

Nopes! Australia is the best only for the present. U can and u WILL see a change in it in a few years.

Who is india fielding coach?


Which cricketer from any country do u dislike most and why?

For the past few years Australia is the best.It is a musical chair for the other places

Predict the score Cricket WC Australia Vs Ummm Scotland !?

yes, certainly, they are the best teams

Much more Importance and publicity as well as addiction of indian people to the Cricket.?


What are your opinion on the south african teams chances in the world cup?

Australia is the World No.1 rank team and Sri Lanka at No.4 is a good fighting team. Just because they have come to the finals of a World cup, doesn't mean they are the best two teams in the world. On present form and on the run of luck they have qualified for the finals.

How many sixes did Greg Chappel score as Team India Coach?

While Australia are the best cricket team in the World, though Sri Lanka have performed exceptionally well in the current world cup and reached final, they cannot be considered as the best 2nd team in the world as they are much below in the ICC ranking, which has been worked out as per past performances.

Would India win third one-day again-ts west-indies?

Australia is the best!

Which Indian made four 50s in a row in the 1987 world cup?

Australia is the best team at present b/coz of their consistent performance.
Rest of the Country are at the same level.. no consistency.
Winning or loosing is part of game but consistent performance makes a team great.

Can anybody help me out in whacking the balls that come straight to the wicket?

Well so far Australia and Sri Lanka have shown the strongest performance...I'm not sure if that makes em the best but they're playing well..

Will India win Cricket World Cup 2007?


When is India's match against West Indies in pune?Is it day and night match?

INDIA is the best cricket team in the world.
AUSTRALIA is the worst team in the history.
the r just soo over confident.
next wqorld cup is already researved 4 indians... :)

Did Sunil Gavaskar in any time in his career after retirement influenced the Board to select his son Rahul?

Yes i agree with you
thats why they simply qualified to
finals after 7 weeks battle
but now Australian opening batter Adam.
I think when "Gilly" drank some fluids which
brought by Autralian reserved player,
might have given him this power hitting ability

Gichrist did illegal thing
me think when "Gilcriss drank some fluids which
brought by Autralian reserved player,
might have given him this big hitting power
Law 3 (6) (c) (i) specifically prohibits a player from using equipment other than that permitted. And nowhere in cricket’s 42 laws is there a mention of a squash ball as a permitted item.

sri lanka could have won under better circustances,

if it was a 50 over match
if the weather was better.

this was the only match in the world cup it wasnt 50 overs. they should have postponed it for the next day or a day the weather was good.

Ultimately.rain & light chaos prevented
Sri Lanka from winning the World cup 2007
still some fans demand srilakns
shut their mouth about this UNJUST.
At least these fans ~criss and ~sord rox and lara king~
doing something against this ~disgusting unjust
thanx again guys
we dont worship Kangaroos
we worship .. only god

Why is Muralitharan got muralidaran on the back of his top v new zealand?

yes, certainly agree with you
other teams performed poorly
and last year mahela was elected
best captain in the Wisden almanac
everybody says mahela and ponting best captains
sri lanka is da best

Is ganguly at his peak at present?

Sri Lanka has long way to reach the Australians,No doubt the Lions are Great warriors but Aussies are the best.

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