Afridi is a useless player, don't you agree?

He has lot of power, but even after having gained 10 years of experience, he is only good at slogging the ball - he cannot play good cricketing shots like Ponting, Ganguly or Jayasurya. I watched the highlights of the first ODI today & man I can't believe how many times he nearly got out - it was totally ridiculous!


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afridi aint useless, u r da 1 who is useless.dumb * ever1 knws y he is still in da team, except u.u r such a u even understand cricket? think twice b4 u post a question here again.i dont knw wch team u support, sound like u r an indian supporter.atleast he is better den ur boring-*** batsman tendul:)))

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heheheh. did u jus say ganguly n stroke maker in the same sentence? yeah he is better than afridi, but afridi has a job to bang the ball. hopefully he should be able to hang in there whenever his team needs him.

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Ah, well... you SAID it all man...

Do any body remember this catch?

Every cricketer has its own style. Sahwag can not play like Rahul dravid and Rahul can not play like sahwag. In cricket, Shahid Afridi is the maddest of mad maxes. A flamboyant allrounder introduced to international cricket as a 16-year-old legspinner, he surprised everyone but himself by pinch-hitting the fastest one-day hundred in his maiden innings. Afridi is a compulsive shot-maker and although until 2004 it was too often his undoing, causing him to float in and out of the team, a combination of maturity on and off the field and a sympathetic coach in Bob Woolmer, saw Afridi blossom into one of modern-day cricket's most dangerous players and a vital cog in Pakistan's revival in 2005. A string of incisive contributions from June 2004 culminated in a violent century against India in Kanpur in April 2005; remarkably it was the joint second fastest ODI century in terms of balls faced. A few weeks before, by smashing the joint second fastest Test half-century at Bangalore and taking crucial last day wickets, Afridi had helped Pakistan memorably level the Test series. So his year continued; a Test century against the West Indies and contributions against England at the end of the year. He went berserk against India on the flattest of pitches with two centuries, including a Test best 156 in January 2006. An Afridi virtuoso is laced with fearless lofted drives and short-arm jabs over midwicket. He is at his best when forcing straight and at his weakest pushing at the ball just outside off. The biggest improvement has been in Afridi's legspin; previously underrated, they are now integral in the ODI side and curiously effective at key moments in Tests. When the conditions are with him, he gets turn as well as some lazy drift, but his box of tricks is the key, boasting a vicious faster ball and a conventional off-spinner as well. His allround skills are completed by agile fielding and among the strongest arms in the game; he also possesses the firmest handshake in international cricket. Again he shocked everyone but himself when, after finally becoming a fixture in the Pakistan side, and a thrillingly bombastic one at that, he announced a temporary 'retirement' from Test cricket, citing an increasingly heavy playing schedule. To less surprise, he retracted his retirement two weeks later. Since then he has been dropped again from the Test team in England and his place in the ODI side has been in flux. He remains, though, an original and a dangerous one at that.

His general style of batting is very aggressive and attack oriented and has earned him the nickname "Boom Boom Afridi" by the Indian commmentator and former player Ravi Shastri. He has an ODI strike rate of 108.69 runs per 100 balls, the highest in the game history. This attitude has been transferred to Test cricket as well, with Afridi scoring at a strike rate of 86.13 in Tests, even higher than that of Adam Gilchrist. He has an approach to batting that can change the tempo of a game and inspire the mood of an audience, as shown when a mass exodus of spectators occurred in Pakistan in late 2005 following his dismissmal from the crease. He hits many sixes long and high, favoring straight down the ground or over midwicket. A trademark shot is a crossbatted flick to the leg-side to a ball outside off stump. This explosive style has lead to some memorable shots, most notably the first ever 12 in power cricket in 2002, where Afridi successfully hit the roof. However, his aggressive style increases his risk of getting out and he is one of the most inconsistent batsmen in cricket. This is reflected by the fact that he is likely to become the only player to score more than 5000 One-day International runs at an average under 25.

Bowling-wise, his stock ball is the leg break, but his armory also includes the conventional off break and a 'quicker one' which he can deliver at nearly 80 mph in the style of a medium-pacer. He bowls at a high speed for a spinner, resulting in lesser turn, relying more on variations in speed. He occasionally sends down a bouncer to a batsmen

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This useless player has proved his mantle on more than one occasions.
How about the only person to get 8 runs in a ball by hitting the ceiling of the Melbourne Stadium.
How about holding the record for the fastest century.

There is a reason why he is kept in the team, he serves as the wild card which can make or break the game.
I agree that he does not stand in rankings of ponting, ganguly or other veterans but i think there should be a little drama in life and in the life of Cricket, he is that drama.

Plus, in my opinion, he is the best entertainer to come in this sport in years.I dont know about anyone else but i never miss a minute of his batting. He beats the heck out of it. And thats entertainment.

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NO, i dont! infact i think u r ridulous 2 say so! he's the most xciting, interesting & entertaining player of world crickt! i luv his batting. hey come on, its his style of play. just think about this: whenever he reaches fifty atleast, pakistan wins the match; he's a match winner. come on its really fun 2 watch him bat like that. may b he's not the best batsman in the world, may b not even near the best, but he's surely a very important player of pakistan. if he servives 4 quite a time, he will surely blast the opponent. so goooooooooooo afridiiiiiii... :D

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Afridi is not ponting, jayasuriya or ganguly . Afridi is Afridi. He is a very useful player for the pakistan team...

Didn't you watch the SL vs PAK match yesterday?He took the game from SL players.

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Afridi can be compared to our(India) own Sehwag.
A treat to watch when they get going.But often end up irritating the fans.

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I think Afridi is useless player im not agree for beause mostly he plays in difficult times where the team needs to play him very fast and a responsible ining at stage and evrey one knows that he is holding many records like fatest hundred in the one day international against Sri lanka and having two times 2nd fastest fifty in the one day international cricket and having a record of more sixes in the one day international cricket then how can you say that he is useless in pakistan side

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Afridi still is apinch hitter.
we know he is a big hitter.
and Afridi is a very immature player too.
i totally agree,i just don,t understand
why they still have him on the team.

but he always has to fight for his place in the team.

he is a up & down player.
he cannot play good cricketing shots like Ponting, Ganguly or Jayasurya.
but its fun to watch him on song.
but he sings rarely.ha ha

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he is useless but some time use ful to pakistan team . he is not a perfect cricketer .he is fame for his swashbuckling batting.though gibbs have scored 6 sixs means 36 runs in an over against holland.but pakistans boom boom afridi have smashed away the world cup runners up for 32 runs in an over of malinga bandara which includes 4,4,6,6,6,6 this is the speciality of shahid afridi. but this innings comes once in a blue moon .thats the problem with shahid afridi.

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I think its not the right forum to take out your biased and malicious inside. I have noticed your answers and questions many times they are full of bias against Asian teams. OK Afridi can not play like Ponting tell me Can Ponting play like Afridi can he hit Brett Lee out of Sydney stadium? Show some sportsmanship my dear. We all know he is an entertainer and that's the way he plays his game with always lots of risk involved. May be if he learns to play like Ponting then no one will know him as boom boom Afridi.

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Afridi is not good technichally. i agree !! but he is not a useless player.he is allrounder..And good in fielding as well...And i think you might be knowing one thing that Afridi is actualy a bowler..and was chosen on the basis of his bowling.but it was triangluar series i think wher he had been discovered as a hitter.and so he has started playing like expecting him to play like ponting and Ganguly would be unfair ...he does play his role and thats enough..while in batting, bowling or even in fielding.secondly while one is a hitter..he are always at risk of getting out... going for big hits is always risky and you can't expect from him to play techinically great shots and still go for big hits !! he is immature but being a senior player he is still needed in for Pakistan !and he is best in this form ! i would put him in totally different category ..he has his own style !

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While I agree with you that he is not at all a matured and dependable batsman, many times he has played match winning innings for Pakistan. The reason why he could not cement his place in the Pakistan Team is his inconsistency.
However, he can be considered as a utility player in ODI as he can be a useful bowler and a slogger

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Yes, as you've rightly pointed out, he is more often a useless player full of odd temperament and a below average bowling stuff. But even this guy can be a king on his day.

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i dont agree

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