Anyone know how to bowl topspin &the flipper?Also tell me what a zooter is.?


Temme abt my future??

dont know what the zooter is but..the topspine goes with the arm kinda faster than spinin bowl but to bowl the flipper you can develop that in various ways...ok ok here is the secreat. same action but you flick the fingers tumb and middle finger like you know you make sound by flicking fingers. just like that but i'l tel you its really hard to put in right spot! bloody hard!! if you miss that it would be the sucker ball for batsman! heheh!!

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I know how to bowl fast.

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i bowl legbreak googly around the wicket and when i bowl a good ball the wicket kepper shout ' oh nice, i like that '

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Buy Shane Warne's DVD The King of Spin and get the answer to your question right from the man himself

What are the english words that end with -ii??

u can email me personally.then we could have a talk on telephone or cellphone about it..

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