Adam Gilchrist admits taking?


I strongly suspect Adam Gilchrist taken steroids and thats how he scored 149 against Lanka lions.
I just can't accept aussies winning a hat trick wrld cup win?


Sachin is getting retirement..i feel bad..what u say??

you are a spoon, even to stated that comment , just accept it the are the world cup winnner again , and c o n g r a t u l i o n s to them

Who is best ganguly or sachin tendulkar?

Yeah, that's it...steroids. I hear it does a lot for timing and hand/eye co-ordination.

I suppose that explains why Haydos didn't get a ton today huh? Gave his steroids to Gilly.

Maybe Punter had some know, so he wouldn't have trouble holding up the trophy.

Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar or Ricky Ponting?

a cricketer can not score a scintillating hundred just because he takes steroids, this is a useless allegation

Is it possible to have the Gin soaked committee at Lords fired?

Omg, this guy is real nasty lankan fan,
man, stop thinking about excuses and stop weeping to the sri lankan defeat.
don't get carried away and try to accept the truth.
And this is a message to all sri lankan fans :

Rate these greats as per their batting mastery - Lara, Tendulkar, Bradman, Arvind, Gavaskar, Inzi?

oi fu_knut we kicked the crap out of you and its because your chucker bowls against bangladesh he has so many wickets. but you make allegations against adam gilchrist a gentleman and an extraordinary cricketer. what have you got to look forward to in your life besides gay porn and jerking off. get a life noob

AUSTRALIA 2007 World Champions
Well done boys

Who's the first cricketer to score six sixes of six balls in an over ?

turn it up Little man,if you haven't got the biggest case of sour grapes i don't know who has,do you actually believe the rubbish you have written?

Why did our cricket team played so badly against Bangladesh?

Dude you need hell a lot of hand-foot-eye coordination+ great timing and its not sheer strength.If so you hire WWE wrestlers who live with STEROIDS to play cricket and they will be super players.

Dude even though we support sri lanka we have to admit that yesterday aussies were the best as usual.Even mahela admitted that so thats it.

One thing i agree with u is that we cant accept aussiees winning a hat trick world cup win where all three had been landslide victories against 3 asian countries.1999 pakistan,2003 india and 2007 sri lanka(sub continent teams).
So this has to be stopped coz it will be a one sided game forever and who knows if it goes like this they will name this trophy as australia cup or something saying win it if u

Who is the most beautiful cricket player?

i agree with u...

I think in the earning of money, some of the people of our society are forgetting the moral values! Do you ag

you have got a life time shock man .
you need a brain wash

What are the numbers on cricketers tops and hats?

You are a wanker
do us a favour and turn off your computer

why is it always the asian fans that are bad sports?
Winners are grinners losers can do what they please

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