What does ‘Mello’- the mascot for this cricket World Cup stand for?

What were the mascots for the earlier world cups?


Sachin tendulkar?

To my knowledge..

A tiger cub is the mascot of the 2007 cricket World Cup to be held in the West Indies.

The cub is wearing an unbuttoned printed shirt, on top of a white T-shirt, and long shorts and is leaning against a bat.

Who is the best cricket player (a) in the current era and (b) in the entire cricket history?

The mascot "Mello" resembles an orange raccoon-like creature wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt over a white vest and blue canvas shoes.

"Dazzler" the zebra was the first ever mascot of a cricket world cup (2003)

Where i can listen live cricket commentary in internet.?

The theme for the selection - a zest for life, a life philosophy and the warmth of the people. The result - Mello : He’s in his teens—cheeky and curious and socially aware like so many young people today. Socially aware? Well, Notice the red ribbon that he is wearing? That is to show his support for the ICC/UNAIDS initiative.

Through word play and further research a name was selected. Once a name was chosen the Mascot concept grew from there, neither an object, animal nor person but instead a youthful, friendly, contemporary character with bright eyes, a big smile and an abundance of personality.

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No Idea

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