Adam Gilchrist use a Squash ball to hit the ball with power & won the world cup.?

Question:If this is leagal, can the fielding team use baskets to cath the ball. Sanga could have applied some Glue on his gloves so that he could have got Gilcrist out.
Dilshan could have used special shoes that spring through air to stop all the sixes. Sanath should have had a longer bat etc wise there so many gajets to use. Why Sri Lankan team did not use any gajets like the Aussies?


What is a 'power play' in cricket all about?

U know, there's a saying "fortune favors the brave" but this time fortune favored the cheat. If the former was correct, Jayasuriya or Sangakkra could have been fortunate. Anyway, everybody knows that was not a "proper" win for the Aussies and it was certainly a moral victory for the Lankans. The ICC, the dumbest sports governing body in the world, should not let these things happen. A 38 overs WC final? Somebody's gotta be kidding me. My grand mum would make better decisions than the "officials" in the ICC. Malcom Speed? HELLO.. Don't kill the spirit of the great game of cricket. Anyway, the Aussies were "given" the world cup that could have been Sri Lanka's had the game been played under normal conditions and had Gillie not used the squash ball (just look at the way the rest of the players struggled to make an impact) . One more thing Sri Lanka could have done in addition to the ones you've mentioned. Murali could have used a powerful small motor fitted to his palm to spin the ball even better :-) Aussies, shame on you.

Will india be able to clinch series against west indies?

gilchrist played that way cuz they had known only by cheating
they could win
if they had played it sunday ...50 overs & gilchrist played
with out Squash ball...fair umpires ruled..
i am day dreamin here eh...
this ICC and Speed all are under obligation to Big Australia Continent.that is the truth
they do whatever to beat srilanka cuz
if they played fair & squre Oz would be doomed
so gilchist took the wrong way
its acrime
so he is asorta criminal
for honest Fans
down with cheaters

With Umpires support & Sanath cheeply gone does KIWIS has chance now?

But how did having a squash ball help Gilchrist? i dont get it. Any way it is still cheating.

Can anyone give me some info on munaf patel from india? he has got 3 wickets for 2 runs economy rate of .44?

These are reasons for loosers if not Gilchrist,hyden,pointing,symon... on and on,this Australian team has all players as match winners,all the credit to them they are not only the world cup winners for the last 3 times but also the worlds number one team for more than a decade.
Now it is become a routine to hear excusses and reasons from the other teams.

When the word "CRICKET" is mentioned who comes to your mind?

Doesnt matter what training techniques you use. The aussies won because they are aussies. We rule at every single sport there is, no questions. We created the word S-P-O-R-T.
Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi.

No Day and Night in this world cup ?

Australian cheated

Who was the top Indian run scorer in Crikcet world cup 2003?

Gilcrist is a cheater.

How can I watch live World Cup Cricket 2007 over the Internet without payments?

This is quite illegal as rules for cricket made by ICC do not allow these kind of gadgets to use for batsmen,bowlers,wicket-keepers...
adam gilchrist have done wrong and world-cup should be taken away from the aussies and given to the SRI-LANKANS!!!

How long it will take Cricket??

Here's a question for you why can't Sanga catch? It could have been Sri Lankas match had he not dropped it so there is no excuses plus sri lankans had the chance to use a squash ball it was just clever tactics by the coach and Gilly.

Good on australia for winning and gilly has still made massive scores without it it would not have made a huge difference

Plus the coach gilly himself checked with the ICC world cup officials if he was allowed to and he got the OK to do it plus it would only help him grip the bat and from there on it lies in his ability

Go Gilly and australia we rock!!!


After beated by bangladesh is their is any guarantee that india will beat bermuda?

The allegation is being widely rumoured and there was a mention of it in the papers too. But a formal appeal is not made to the ICC. And lo! what fantastic ideas you have given to the cricketers. You could have added this: Malinga should have applied grease to his palms to let the ball flying at the Aussie batsman like a former Australian fast bowler(I don't want to name him) did it in his hey days. I don't think Aussies are doing the right thing by propogating win at all cost, hook or crook.

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