A Hindi film was made in India to lampoon Javed Miandad after his mighty last ball six in 1986. Why ?

When India lost the Australasia cup in 1986 after Javed Miandad's last ball mighty victory six, a Hindi film namely 'Hukumat' was made to lampoon him very badly in which a corrupt police officer was named after him who was frequently saing : 'Abey saale maroonga saisa chhakka ki ...'. What was the purpose of this movie & what type of psyche does it create in young Indian minds? Is that our real Indian culture. ? Is it not a curse to healthy & civilized societies ?


Can u plz tell me where vil i get stumps (wickets) in wood or preferably in plastic but good quality?

hey man this nt a place to spread hatred against indians .

use ur free time to do somethin creative.

What is the best way for an American that knows nothing about Cricket to understand the game?

Salauddin bhai,

Do not try to link with Great Indian culture, Civilization, humanity, religion with the nasty Pakistani Cricket players like Miadad, the relative of Daud.

Do you think cricket craze is taking away the charm and fame of other games in india?

damn it...every muslim asks a muslim question.

Do you think that sachin should retire?

there are so many movies made in India which are against the culture of our country . why bother about this movie now because of worldcup.?

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