Are Aus going to win the world cup Cricket again? and are England going out against South Africa?


Do u think india should play sehwag in world cup?

yes and yes

Dose sony max would telecast in thailand for icc cricket world cup which will held in west indies ?

England will be defenitely loose against South Africa. Though Australia are the only unbeaten team in this world cup till now, In strongly feel that their run of victories will come to an end in the semi finals.

Do you think rain & light chaos prevented Sri Lanka from winning the world cup?

England will be beat against South Africa
I have faith in Sri Lanka to win the World Cup

Will Indian cricket team take revenge against Bangladesh cricket team and win all matches?

Yes Australia will win this world cup and England has no ability to win against South Africa.

Why Indian team and their fan's are waiting for Bangladesh and Bermuda?

australia will win
sa already won the match against england

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