Although 2nd largest in population, yet india has not earned a good fame in field of sports ?


What do u think ICC did the right decision against afridi yes or no 4 ODI ban?

Battle for an earning is paramount in India. Choosing Sports as a career becomes a tricky affair. In other countries, sports can be chosen as a career and that successfully. Time is changing now and in a decade of two, sports would be taken up seriously and would be worthwhile.

Sourav Ganguly should be given another final chance. yes/no?

because they are too busy taking american jobs

I need IRFAN PATHAN'S email address?

we don give more importance to that

Why is harbhajan struggling?

A jockstrap is not the measure of a nation.

Which bowler makes a great effort and Which batsman made a lot of effort in the year 2006 ?

simple- its bcoz of corruption

At which bar/pub can I watch the world cup cricket in Montreal, Canada?

If you consider reproducing a sport then they are number one!

Is dhoni good player in india team?

yes i agree

How net run rate is calculated (overall)?

because our players r busy in add films so pls dont disturb them they will sell their nation for add films or money

Who is your favourite cricket player, who they play for and why you like them...?

70% of the population lives in untapped small towns and cities
we should look there for real talent, and not just in Mumbai or Delhi

Who will loose bet india or Bermuda? and how badly?

its partly parents fault. Indians are too hung-up with education. school kids are tortured with tutions and stuff. they want their kids to be 'allrounders' which aint possible. so they shoudl put the kid into sports when he/she is young. many ppl dont even consider putting their kid into some academy so s/he can become a sportsperson. everyone wants to be an engineer or a doctor. every kid has a special ability...its the parents prob to identify that and allow the kid to excel in that..

Will Cricket World Cup 2007 Match Consider Internation Cricket Match?

Kids are too busy preparing for entrance exams...and those who are not preparing are most probably working...

The academic competition is such that if you want to make got to sacrifice a lot ...even sports..

Also there is one more reason they are too busy with cricket do well in other fields also..

Which cricket player has received the most " Man of the match'' awards in World Cricket Cups?

In India there are only two popular activities either go to English medium school or chase girls. Now, tell me who has the time to excel sports?

What should be indian team strategy for world cup?

I disagree. World class at cricket and hockey. Invented Polo and marvelous at wieghtlifting. Also big participants of many other sports such as football, but then aren't we all?

If India lose today against Srilanka?

That is because deserving and talented people do not get proper encouragement and training due to political interference in all sports bodies.

Which will country be win the 2007 cricket world cup?

too poor and dont have the resources to create leagues or departments handling the sports.too busy wid corrpution

Who's had enough of the GIlchrist/squash ball posts??

politics, corruption. especially parents who wont let their kids play and ask them to study eventhough they r not interested.worthful and talented people play on reads and who r not worthful and have lots money play fot the team. so we suck.

How will india win world cup because they did not beat bangladesh?

Yes of course. Our politicians do not allocate more funds for sports. we should go for a talent search from village level and give them the best training. Then, India will be able to get it's position in the field of sports.

Who do you think in 2007 is going to have a big comeback in music?

seems we all are good for nothin


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