What was the attendance to the world cup final held in Barbados?

what was it? the most the stadium could hold was 28,000 so what was the total attendance to the final?


Is this world cup is the most surprised world cup in the history?

It was estimated that 20000 persons were there. Official ICC figures haven't been released as yet though.

How many of u think that india can win all the cricket series this year?

27.500 people because the scelpers pick up the tickets befor the people do.

Can England win the Cricket World Cup?

32000 because that's its maximum capacity, and i read it was a full house

Where i watch the warid series hilites of pakistan vs sri lanka cricket match online?

between 20 000 and 37 000 people came to witness the CWC 2007 final.

Who gonna win this match.my world XI or Australia...see teams below?

what is finny .....

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