2Batsman are on 94 runs, only 2balls are remaining....?

Question:2 Batsman are on 94 runs and only 2 Balls are remaining, Team needs 7 runs to win the match, finally both batsman make their century & win the match.
How it is possible? Answer this.


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it can be possible only if the first bats man hits the ball and the ball hit the halmet.so they gets five runs in that ball , for hits the halmet and they run for a single in that ball by overthrow .so the nonstriker will get the chance for the next ball and he hits a six on that ball.both the batsmen are gets the hundred and the required run will be complete and the team will win.

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it's the last ball in an over and the batsman hits a 6, taking him to 100 and needing 1 run to win. when the next over starts the bowler is bowling from the other side and hence bowling to the other batsman who hits a 6 taking him to his 100 and winning the match!

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Second last ball goes over fence for 6 first batsman has his century.
Last ball gets hit for a single but is judged to be a no ball so the second batsman gets to hit extra ball for 6.so he gets his century too.

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Darren almost got it right. 2nd last ball is bowled and one batter hits a six (he is now on 100). Last ball is bowled to the same batter but goes for a bye and therefore giving the batting team another ball to face.

While the fielders are retrieving the ball both batters make a run and swap ends. Therefore when the final ball is bowled, the remaining batter on 94 hits a six, reaches 100 and they win the match.

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hey guys u r wrong... if it bye or no balll...then it will add 1 run to total too which make it to 7. so i think this is d solution..

1 batsman hits it for 3 runs.. n it's over throw... so bats man runs for 4 more runs... but umpire declares one short run...so the 1 batsman is on 100 and second is facing ...and he hits it for a six...
so he is on 100 also and team wins.

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1st batsman hits the ball & runs 3 runs... then overthrow and they run 1,2,3...(total 3+3= 6) & the 1st batsman gets his hundred and while going for 4th run in overthrow (or 7th run) he gets run out. then the 2nd batsman on 94 hits six in the last ball & both get century.

(ie) 1 ball - 6runs+runout
2 ball - 6 run

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I don't know man...but wish those two batsman to be Sachin and Ganguly.

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2 sixes by 2 batsmen in the two balls

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I have answered the same question 2 weeks back.

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it is only possible if both player were pakistani and the umpire was US president George W. Bush.

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