1.Is it true that Cricket Australia will now broadcast live into the city hosting an international match?


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What score is traditionally regarded as unlucky in cricket?

The announcement was made a while ago. It happened during this yrs series!


balanced. These include:
oEnsuring that the programs that support cricket at grass roots level can be maintained through the revenue the game generates at the elite level.
oEncouraging as many people as possible to see the game live.
oConsidering the needs of those who are either unable to get to the ground or would prefer to watch from home.
After weighing up all the factors, and the feedback provided by cricket's customers, Cricket Australia's previous policy of games only being shown live into the home city if the game is sold out has been revised.
Once Cricket Australia's new television contract with the Nine network commences (season 2006-07), fans in Melbourne and Sydney will be able to watch cricket live on television regardless of whether the match is sold out.

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