After the big loss against West Indies does Pakistan have a chance to win the World Cup?


When did Greg Chappal take over as coach of Indian Cricket Team?

they never had a chance..

Will people forget Bob Woolmer after the world cup?

It was not a potentially important match.but Pakistan are not the favorites to win the World Cup anyways..Yes they will advance to the next stage and then the fun starts

Is DD1 Going to Broadcast This Years World Cup(Give Me Yes Or No)?

Well, its stupid to draw such a big conclusion based on your question. It's like asking Inzi went to take a piss twice during the first half, so does that mean Zimbabwe will win against New Dehli in under 19 Cricket.

Get a life, mate.

How can England fly a 36 year old wicketkeeper half way around the world for a 1 day series?

okai even though im a fellow west indian fan and happy that they won i must say that we cant start to jump to conclusions as yet from this match. i honestly dont think either was much competition for the other. the pakis were a bit slack today in their playing and this was a great advantage for the windies. they showed again that sometimes they play well and sometimes theyre jus horrible. it wud have also been a dissappoitment to my fellow west indians if the west indies lost the first match in their homeland so i think this was pushing them more. so lets see how the pakis play the other teamss ooo yes as we rally around the west indies

Which bowler took five wickets in the first over of a world cup match?

I don't think so. Pakistan has a great team but their two best players, asif and akther are injured so the chances are slim. But whatever !!

Where can i download and watch the ICC world cup for free?

If they win the next 2 matches and perform well in super 8 stages they have a chance to come in semi finals. If they are able to perform well in the semi finals, theyan reach the final and if they play exceedingly well in final, they can be the winners of world cup. All these are subject to ifs and buts.

Cricket Match schedule between India and Sri Lanka in India commnce from 08 Feb 2007?


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