Are the sth africa,india,n.z and sri lanka a bunch of whingers and sooks?

Question:every one has been jumping on the Aussie cricket team saying we are arrogant and un sportsman like, and even that our crowds are racist at times.

lou vincent came out in press and said Australia were a bunch of dogs (we know who the dog is)

sth africa have accused us of racism when they have just been done for racism (how can they talk anyway),graham smith cry's about how Australia sledged him abit hard-boo hoo

india and sri lanka take every opportunity to take a swing at Australia,murali wouldn't come out here because the crowds called him a chucker-sorry he is a chucker they had to actually change the rules from 11 deg to 14 so his action was legal

so to these cricket nations i say this take your skirts off ya bunch of big girls,take a leaf out of the poms and west indies book-shut up and play hard tough cricket like men.


What is the eligibility to participate in Cricket W/cup??

Your absolutely right ! Good work very perceptive ! The Poms did act like men and keep a stiff upper lip in the face of a belting ! We always expect that and better from our brothers New Zealand and the South Afs are pretty hard too but soooooooooooooooo aragant and racist they make our men look well behaved, guess well just have to smash them to ! On a contraversial note ever imagined how the average American must feel on a daily basis - yeh we got that feeling now its tough being hated for being No. 1. Wish they played as well we'd just get to smash the yankes to !

What about having no coach at all for Indian team, we have 3 captains in team who can take all the decisions?

They are turning into a bunch of Nancy's & they are spoiling cricket also
surly we can have the mexican wave without chucking things too

Will india win the world cup. if yes what will be the winning combination?

You must be kidding eh...watever !! Quit this bullshit and just enjoy the matches.

Stop being a looser and just enjoy !!

Does anyone knows brett lee's email ID?

u r right

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