A cricket player?



Live cricket scores?


Where can i get the bangladesh cricket shirt in london?

Played cricket for West Indies.

What are the upcomig cricket series for india before the World Cup?

Yes, he was. Sir Viv these days...

Anything more ?

Where i can watch highlights off inds vs westindied one day cricket?


Who is better?

yes former west indies player
i think he inaugurated the wc 2007

How to watch cricket world cup live on computer without paying any fee or credit card.?

Yes. His name is Vivian Richard

Which team will Get worldcup 2007?

A person playing for the country,working hard with determination,concentration and deliberation for keeping the oath fulfilled,the oath which has been made when taking the first step towards the ground,the oath of bringing glory to the country.Despite of loses and wins a player is a person who is determined more towards his goal rather than extra activities.

Watch and Discuss Cricket?

Wonderfull cricket player who played for West Indies...

Who wiil win the 2nd odi westindies or india and why ?

Sir Vivian RIchards is a retired West Indian cricket player.

At Which no Sachin Should Bat In World Cup?

Once upon a time there was a jungle. Every creature in the jungle was not like one. One who changed the entire jungle into passionate world known as Sir Vivian Richard. A great,bold,gutsy,powerful batsman of his time..

In 2007 will any cricket match be played in mumbai? if yes then which and when??help!?

Sir Viv is one of the best player inworld and player of the decade, produced by West Indies. He is a good person and could be a The best Coach for Indian team if we go for foreign coach.He has determination and now how to mentor a player.

Rate these quality spin bowlers?

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards (Vivian Richards) 1952) is a former West Indian cricketer. He is better known by his second name, Vivian or, more popularly, simply as Viv.

For more information about him, please check the following link:


Who was the first cricketer to be knighted?

He was west indies player in 1980 to 1990 !!!

Actually Greg Chappel succeeded in his mission to stop INDIA from winning the WC.?

yes the great Sir Viv Richards former west indies player

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