Why cricket players face injuries problem very early?

How can any person get injured just by running.


How do i know result of Tamilnadu +2 2007?

They are not injured but this is only a trick to out a player from team who is not liked by the team selectors. And also for those who dont play well. Indian cricket is not just a game it is a part of politics. Today our players are not doing practices for next series but you can see them on RAMP, doing MODELLING or on any shoot. This injury trick is good for those players who plays cricket only for money.

Is ganguly good player in the off side and a great captian?

What is cricket? I fish with them. I suppose they get injured when a big bass smacks em in the ..

Who will be todays winner, sri or kv's?

you are mistaken not by just running I think you are in a dream that they are just playing a wrong drama but really every cricketer want to play and prove their selves their talent while they are running they might have a chance to slip away and while they are playing other games like football, rugby for relief they are supposed to run even faster to prove their fitness this is the reason for your question

Which kiwi cricketer is nicknamed 'The Postman'?

Cricket requires each & evey muscle than any other
A person can b injured by running as his thigh & cough muscles may b strained & his foot may step wrong

India lost against bangladesh.Do u think it will win against Srilanka?

we r so weal we just get injured bu yunning

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