Are there any crickrt teams in the USA?

Has a pro basedall hitter, ever taken on a pro cricket bowler?


Who win the wold clup?

yes US does have a sorry team, and no to the other answer, USA will not be playing any part in the world cup, ICC didnt even give them warm up matches, however they are building a 20-30 thousand seat stadium in fort lauderhill in florida, i dont think its completed yet.

to answer the other half of your question, i dont really know, but i live in Canada and i have friends that have played baseball at a youth level of the game, one of them has tried practicing with us once or twice, he was able to clobber anything away and in within the reach of his bat(not along the ground mind you), but he had real trouble with Overpitch balls, short balls(bouncers), and yorkers.. he kept swinging laterally and horizontally, cricket term would be pulling or crossing, just couldnt grasp straight bat technique and moving the feet toward the pitch of the ball.

you could just tell he was uncomfortable.
he has got a good accurate arm though.

I want to know about tickets of cricket match going 2 be held in vizag ON date 17th February Of 2007?

has everyone else had the same trouble answering this question,


but a good question?
is there anyone (sure would like to see that)

How are the rules of twenty20 cricket different from one day international cricket?

actually there is no official team, but there are local matches
and the team will get officialised for the cricket world cup 2007 which is not only in west Indies but also in America.

Do u support the west indies cricket team?

yaa have

Who is the most popular cricket player in the world?

The USA has an international team and participated in the Champions Trophy 2004, where their team of 40-somethings was obliterated by Australia. Outside of Zimbabwe and maybe Kenya they have the worst administration of any of the top 20 or so cricket nations. The ICC has pretty much given up on them until they get themselves sorted out.
As to the second part of your question, Keith Pont, an Essex allrounder of the 1980s, did attempt to retrain as a pitcher and did manage to get up to about an 85mph fastball which is considered the minimum for pro baseball. Ed Smith of Kent recently spent a preseason with one of the NY teams and wrote a book about his experience. The biggest problem a baseball player would have is mental - he is conditioned to having to swing at most of his pitches and if he gets out, no biggie. In cricket a batter can bat all day and so hitting a few fours and then getting out is looked on unfavourably. In addition, if a baseball player gets one near the body, often a fight will break out - in cricket balls at the body or head happen all the time! Mind you they're much better protected ...

I am very sad that India is out of World did this happen?

there are many cricket teams in the usa,and they are on speed,and they call it baseball

Is shahid Afridi banned from playing the first 2 matches in the world cup? Why?


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