Are Aussies back to their best now?

Look how they routed Ireland today - the game was over in half-a-day itself! The are sending the signal clearly to everyone - they will thrash anyone who comes their way!


Does anyone know?

It seems that they're well and truly back my friend. The top order looks really strong and the bowling attack is lethal. One of the main reasons why i think they've been so good is because people had doubts before the tournament and thats the worst thing to do. The only team i think that can challenge them are the kiwis.

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yes they have played good cricket.they have learnt from thier mistakes of nz tour.they are sure contenders for the cup.they are also now able to cope the pressure of losing key players.

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Australia always plays very well in big matches. This is world cup, so we can expect the best from this team.
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Who is The champion of ICC cricket world cup 2007?

These are the signs of great teams that they make early come backs and Aussies are going great. I would , rather, say they are always at their best but sometime a day is not best for them.

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Australia have been in very good form throughout the current world cup. If they continue with the same form throughout they will be able to win the world cup.

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What U mean back!!

They are continusly performing excellent perfomance from past some years, they lost only NWzee tour tht too because Ricky ponting, Adam gilchrist, Bret lee and Symonds are not there then how they will ! ,, Always Ausies are BEST Performance team!!


They were always the best.never stepped down to 'second best standard' ! Well today i had a feeling for a moment that Aussies is the Only team which is playing cricket actualy !! Well ofcource ther are other teams who are playing realy good....but Autralia is just a master of this game !!

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rest assured they will always give their best because they are a TEAM and play as a team

Who is the first man take wicket in wc2007?

i dont think the aussies can get any better the the team to beat , great from day one and never looked backed , the win win the world cup again ...

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We'll see what happens when they FINAL. If luck doesn't favor them, they would have to lose.

Will india be able to win world cup 2007 which in being held in west indies?


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Nothing matters but the semis and the finals. If they lose, critics will again clutch their throats, that's what they are for. Australia will be back to their best if they win this world cup.

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