After being smashed by Bangladesh on Saturday, what are India's chances of winning the World Cup?


What is the meaning of cricket?

South Africa, England, Australia, NZ all can demolish India

Now South Africa has lost to Bangladesh what will enter S/finals ?

India is going to win world cup this year AUS have won enough.

Do you think australia will win the world cup with no problems or worries and do it easily?

slim to none.

Who will win da world cup ??

They're not that good but with there huge win over Bermuda its possible they can still make it. Who knows. I hope they make it.

1= Which year India won World Cricket Cup.?

Not sure. It was just Bermuda !! The big game is on the 23rd...Aughh !!

My o my.y did pakistan play so bad?in the pro20?


He scored a triple century in a test inning in one complete day's play.?


Why the old timers not performing well should be discarded once for all from cricket team?

1 in 16

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