51 Matches, 16 Nations, White Sands, Blue Water, and One Prize, What am I?


If a12 team bowling league plays every other team 4 times how many games must be scheduled?

ICC World Cup 2007
with 16 nations playing
a total of 51 matches
in the beachy white sands of west indies
covered on all sides by blue sea
and one prize is the great WORLD CUP of Cricket

Where does mandirabedi fit in cricket worldcup 2007 ?

volleyball world championship

Who will win this world cup?i am supporting NZ cuz india got out in 1st round:(?

a fifty-one-match-16 nationed-white-sanded-blue-wat...

Who would win the ICC Cricket world cup 2007?

Your the Riddler.

What does this phrase mean?


Why do Indian criket team want to go for world cup if they donot know how to play?


What can you tell me about Dhoni?


Which is the best team and Who is the best player in this World Cup(Cricket)??

you are the 9th ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 to be held in West Indies.

Can South Africa upset the true Champions Australia?

none other than 2007 cwc

Who cricket knows?

The best World Cup ever.
The 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup

Can this World Cup be dubbed as the "World Cup of Upsets"?


Hayden& Jayasuriya have done good job -2007- cup.Who's the Entertainer?


On March 23, 2007, which Sri Lankan bowlers?

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

How can i wathc live cricket on internet?

ICC world cup 2007 held in West Indies !

Umm would your prize like to stay in my country for next four years :P

Can you unscrable this word?pesugur?

Beach volleyball

Sachin taken part in World Cup ever since 1992, he has not made single WC win, Is he great palyer?

I am also interested to know.

What was the turning point in today's AUS vs SA match?

in between a dream

Who is now responsible for identifying and reporting bowlers with suspect actions?

That would be Paradise, other wise known as Cricket World Cup 2007 in the West Indies.

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