Any real astrolger here, I want to know some thing about indian cricket team ?

Question:Will India reach to the super 8?
I want comment from the real astrolger.


Why isn't Alastair Cook in the England team v New Zealand?

No! Shani Ki Maha Dasha Hai agar Aacha Kelege to hi super 8 kaya final mai bhi Jetege.

Dhoni or karthik or both?

Yes, India will make it to super 8!

WHO should be selected in Bangladesh tour?

Hmm, I don't know. According to Bejan Daruwala, India will lose against Sri Lanka and there's a high possibility that India will be out. Aughh, let's just wait and watch !!

Again australia pick up the world cup! its any miracle or win of teamwork & zeal.?

None exists.

Is rahul dravid an ideal player for india?

Indian cricket team is the perfect team. but them drop sometimes. That bad luck for them. so selected super 8

Why isnt Jason Gillespie in the test squad?

wait till they play each other? there is no need for anxiety.

Has pakistan and bangladesh played against each other for cricket match?

Of course

Will da india make a plot in da west indies?

yes india will be in the super 8

Who is best capton this worldcup?

I am suppose to be good astrologer.
i predict Saturn on the india now.
they will pack home like pakistan.
but you can win next wold cup match against bangladesh,if the same Indian team will be selected for it.

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