Are there any unbiased cricket websites?

Question:i am sick of using cricinfo, which is so pro-australian, i think i might be sick soon.

"25.5 Watson to Jayawardene, OUT, on middle-and-leg and that's a throaty gurgle of a roar for lbw, and it looks like a good shout, and the umpire agrees"

on a decision that they showed on tv going DOWN the leg side.

does anybody know any websites that actually have unbiased commentary?


Who should be dropped after the 2nd test debacle against south africa?

its b/c cricinfo is run by a bunch of australian and english people.

and yes, aussie are hated by everybody outside them. everybody was rooting for them to lose. real shame too, cuz outside McGrath, most of their team is made of nice people in their current line up. Even Clark who used to be really arrogant when he started has cut back a lot and is really humble now.

i feel bad for their team. they have to put up with a lot of crap b/c they have the worst fans in any sport. gilchrist is pure class.

Where can i watch free live games on the internet?

suck it up and enjoy the game

go aussies

If Australia wins the world cup this time, it would be a hat-trick isn't it, how you Oz plan to celebrate then

Sour grapes here from you...all in all Sri Lanka did ok, they got to the finals...the umpires did their job...stop whining and have some respect for your team...They played splendid..and i enjoyed watching their brillant bowling.


dont read commentries when u can see match live at
and by the way sri lankans lost..

Lasith Malinga, Good Bowler or Lucky Chucker?

its difficult to find because anyone who follows cricket most likely is biased toward a team

anyway, even if they are (unbiased), it is how someone interprets the commentary

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