Cricket World Cup?

Question:Sorry i know nothing about this sport, even the events name.

This may sound completely stupid but i was wondering if there was a USA, or Canadian cricket teams because i think that would be good for those countries to be involved in as many sports as possible.

Also, who is winning this event, i find it to be a pretty fun sport to watch as well, even though i have no idea what i'm watching...haha.f



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well cricket is largely played in commonwealth countries
and its quite popular in these countries
and yes there are cricket teams in usa and canada infact canada is competing in the world cup even though the canadian media isnt giving too much importance to the canadian team ( reasons i dont know) and its also is the national sport of canada
and as far as the US cricket team yes there is a team in this country but the team is consist of people of foriegn origin originally from south Asia and Carribbean

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well, there is a canadian team which is in the WC

and india is winning

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the usa cricket team is not playing in the current world cup but canada has a team in it this year. i think west indies, australia, south africa, new zealand, sri lanka and india all have a chance to win the world cup but i hope west indies will win.

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thank you i have lot of respect for people like you.

Did you like this year's World Cup?

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New Zealand will win the world cup!!.

Plzzzzzzzzzz help @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?

Pretty like Baseball, but just you need to hit the stumps and just run in the opposite direction, infact first Cricket match was played in the USA against Canada, in a way its a sport for the intelligent people and upper class, but now more and more people from around the world from all walks of life are playing it, its not that hard to understand, Canada is playing right now.

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