Are ireland the best cricket team in the world.?


Replica cricket jersey of Bangladesh?

yeaaaaaa!! of course - no contest!

What is the name of the song in the Nike Indian cricket commercial?

at the minute id say yes

Of which team in the cricket world cup is goolam raja the manager?

Well there the best team for the small teams

Cricket tickets cheap online?

You're only as good as your last game.

What is the all-time greatset ever England team?

well if they are the kindest and friendliest then I would agree even though Australia, England, India, NewZealand, West Indies' South Africa Pakistan Sri Lanka and many others may not agree.

How can i become cricket commentator?

Yeah - go on! Why not?

What do you guys think of a perfect final?

Can you believe they won? there we were all upset about the rugby, well for 10 minutes, it was St. Patricks Day, so we just sang another song..

Then to wake up on Sunday and hear Ireland beat Pakistan??

How can i watch cricket world cup online fore free?

No they are not but they did play fantastically against Pakistan.
I will be cheering for them aswell, up until they meet England in the final.
I wish!

Who has scored two hatricks in the consecutive world cups..?

What do you think?

What is Shane Watson's academic qualification?

Kind of.. they are not the best team in the world in reality. But in the "spirit of the game" sense they could be one of the best teams (there is New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and a few of the minnows of the game)... they worked really hard to win that game against pakistan, hopefully they could continue in the same way.

Which is the easier ball to play, the googly or the dhoostra?

no. but it is playing very well currently.
But its a good team.. may be next world cup they have a surprise for the world

Tendulkar captain again ?

No they're won of the worst teams at the WC. Good on them for beating Pakistan though.

What you think who will win this cricket world cup? I am supporting South Africa!?

in the particular day in one day cricket, u need to do it regularly.

Watch live cricket?

ireland ofcourse is a good team but just by beating pakistan doesnt really mean ireland is best team. pakistan is a normal team even guys from their own street can beat pakistani's cricket team

Every one play bad cricket. why only main focus on gauguly?afterall he has scored more hundreds and runs?


They played well against Pakistan, yes, but a single one day match proves little. They did well against South Africa in a warm up match but again this doesn't count for a lot.

The best cricket team in the world must excel at both Tests and Limited Overs cricket as Australia (and I'm a bad Pommie for saying this) have done for years, Ireland do not play test cricket - they are not deemed good enough and if you stuck them in a match against Australia I honestly believe they'd be thrashed

The "minnows" of the world cup have given a lot of food for thought to the ICC, but Ireland have a long way to go before they can start claiming to be "best" at anything cricket related (except perhaps for playing the most related players - 5 Joyce siblings have plyed for Ireland)

Name the batsman scored highst score in test matches?

No absolutely NOT!!!!
South Africa is ranked no.1 & there are lots of teams who are a LOT better than Ireland

Cricket vs football(soccer)which one is more interesting?

They are not even the best cricket team in Ireland.

What is the meaning of cricket?


"i wont take up any advertisement for the next one year". Why hasn't any of the cricketers said this?

they can B the one of the best teams if they want or they continue playing cricket!

Best bowler of the year was who?

well two victories do not make ireland the best cricket team in the world.

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