"i wont take up any advertisement for the next one year". Why hasn't any of the cricketers said this?


What is your opinion about 2007 world cup Indian team?what makes the team India perform so badly in 2007WC?

that's a very good question.
i hope this lose in the world cup will have a good impact on these players and maybe, hopefully, they will realize that the public knows how they truly are.
if india wants to move forward, in anything, we need to be more honest and more passionate about what we do. I guess this is not so for everybody but atleast for cricket it is.

Why has ireland cricket team worn black armband today against lankans?


Do Tamilians (people from Tamil Nadu) support Muralitharan, although he plays for Sri Lanka?

not even english ....try grammmma class

What the hell has happen to the indian team??

"i don't mind foregoing worldcup for ads"
this is what they have said!!

Predict the winner of cricket world cup 2007?

'Love for MONEY'

love for the game is just a myth now

Who has become the man of the match for the most number of times in this world cup? &how many times?

yup..none of da cricketerz said these because they always want publicity and fan following wich can b achieved only wen they do ad's!

but rahul was always sensible in this matter because he had done least no.of ads wen compared with his team mates.aftera ll a captain is a captain!

i really hope u got enough information!!

and dhoni,sehwag and sachin wer da worst regardin da adz!! they always did wat evr they wer offered!!!

Who all are players selected for wold cup cricket match?

No advt no bread butter no shopping no extravagance no costly cars no publicity.... my god so many nossssssss . so yes to advtg

Name the only Cricketer who opted to retire just after claiming 99 wickets in One-day international cricket?

because they will earn a lot of money just standing before cam

I need equivalent IEC and UL standard for Indian Standard. Pradeep?

Hello...I pity for your foolishness. Don't mind. Cricketers are playing this game for money (not all). So why do they lose coming money? They think cricket is cricket and advertisements are advertisements. That's it...

Why would someone want to kill Pakistan's Cricket coach - Bob Woolmer?

hw can they,,??

otherwise they'll be slapped by their high class wives..lol

Iam living in uk.how do i watch cricket world cup live.how to get sky sports card..any online site?

the 1 thing fans dont understand is the team early exit was due to the lack of team work,the team lacks the killer instinct in them .. players have fixed time to practice and they hve time for leisure, the cricketers during leisure they work for adds...so their low performance is not due to adds its my opinion..

Will india win the world cup?

Thats because they earn too much in doing that to have the heart give that sum of money up .that couch potato -used to be cricket god- Sachin Tandulkar - gets like bloody US $400 million in endorsment deals and stuff like that ...now i ask you why would they want to give that sum of money up ? That like approximately 10 times more the salary of Fernando Alonso's salary alone ...US $ 39 million ..

Do you know the secret behind the Lankans success and Indians failure in Cricket?

everyone wants more

Were the selectors right to pick Ravi Bopara in the World Cup squad?

because some cricketers dont get enough money to support their luxurious lifestyles.

Can i get to see live cricket?


When will the cricketers arrive at the ground after entering the umpires?

Because all players are greedy for money and for them money gets first preference than cricket.

Can i be the cricket star of india next year?

As an answer, let me ask you a simple question. Who doesn't like MONEY, my friend?

Result of Bangladesh Australia match?

do they wanna starve ........

E mail id of cricketer DHONI or any other cricket star's ?

They are hungry for the MONEY !

Is Sachin need to stop playing international cricket?

because they love money

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