Question:In a cricket ODI , There are 2 batsman on 94, 2 balls remaining and 7 runs to win and boththe batsman make their century and win the match.


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very very simple!!!

The first batsman hits the ball and starts running. He takes three runs, but while after the third run the throw from the fielder misses the stumps, and goes for 4 on an overthrow!
Now both the batsmen think that they've got 3+4=7 runs and start to celebrate thinking that they've won..
BUT.just then the umpires signals...GUESS WHAT ?
a SHORT RUN !!!!!
dear Oh dear ! that means they've only 6 runs, but coincedentally, the second batsman is on strike, while the first batsman has got 4+2=6 runs (since the runs for the overthrow are added to the batsman's quota) and has completed his century !!
Now the second batsman is facing with 1 to win.. and you can guess what he does . That's right... he hits it for a SIX !
Now he too has completed his century.
and his team has won...


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Mathematically impossible because a one day game stops as soon as the target score is reached,so the batsmen need 12 runs in total but the game only needs 7 runs to end-tell me how if you know something i don't.

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mmm. really tough.let me say.first batsman will score five runs and that ball is no ball. Second batsman will score another two runs and the ball would be over thrown so that these batsmen would take the extra runs to complete their centuries and win the match.

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Nothing's impossible. The ball goes touching the wicket keeper's helmet so 5 is added to the batsmen's score also because when the ball touches the wicket keeper's helmet, the rule is that runs are added even to the batsmen. For this an extra ball is given.

Even now 2 balls left and 2 runs needed. He takes 1 run. Now 1 run, 1 ball. The other batsmen hits a 6 and the team wins.

Both player makes 100.
They win the match.

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There'd have to be a leg bye in there. No balls and wides wouldn't work, because they don't get counted towards a batsman's score.

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they both get a six each...

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First Ball:
The batsmen run three runs but one run is a "short run" and they also get overthrows of 4 runs. Batsmen change ends, the batsman who was facing get six runs added to his score.( ie. 3 runs minus 1 short + 4 overthrows.

Second Ball:
The other batsman who is facing now hits it for six

Match won . and I am the first to come up with the right answer...

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with no balls

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der r 200000000000000000000000000000... wide balls and 2 gaols

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Mazak ki bhi had hoti hai Yaar..


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first batsmen hits a six and is run out,
2nd batmen does the same but no runout.
yeh sounds wrong but i gave it a try

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The first batsman hits a six of the last ball of an over.Then the other batsman hits a six and they win with both of them getting their centuries.

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The first batsman hit the ball and run one run. The ball deflects on the helmet jkept behind the wicket keeper before it is fielded by the fielder. Thus the batsman gets 6 runs and completes his century.

The second ballo is hit for a six by the other batsman as the batsmen have changed ends after the first batsman has taken one run in the previous ball. Second batsman also completes his century and the team wins.

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how many times guyz u wil question it?
its impossibe.better u say.

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The target should be revise.
Let me explain for example you have to score the run in 49 over and 1 ball (49.1 over).
48 and 5 ball are completed hence 2 ball are remaining to get 12 run for century for both player (6 run for each)and 7 run to victory.

First batsman hit the six on the last ball of 49th over to complete his century. So 1 ball and 1 run needed to win. Strike is change due to the over completion (49 over). 2nd player come on the strike, hit 6 on the remaining ball to complete his century ,
Victory as well as goal of getting century by 2 batsman is completed.

please note if ball hit on the wicketkeeper helmet 5 penelty run given to the team as extra not in the account of batsman and extra ball also not given to play.

For confermation click on the following


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There are 2 ways out

First Ball:
The batsmen run three runs but one run is a "short run" and 4 runs for overthrow.
Second Ball:
batsman who is facing now hits it for six

The Other way..
First Ball:
The batsmen runs a single and ball hit keepers helmet so, he gets his 6.
Second Ball:
batsman who is facing now hits it for six

If u know the rules of cricket here is a Q to test ur method of approach?

it is impossble

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