Amnesty International, Shut up!?

Question:Hey You Amnesty International, where were you when CIA extraodinary rendition took place? Why Cant YOU PLAY BY THE SAME RULES??

We are Sri Lankans
Sanath Jayasooriya - Sinhala/buddhist
Russel Arnold - Tamil/Catholic
Muralidaran - Tamil/Hindu
Maharoof - Moor/Muslim
Chaminda Vaas - Sinhala/Catholic

We Can live Together...
We Can play Together...
We Can WIN Together...

Yes, Sri Lanka is playing to rules.
Amnesty International, Mind your own Business

What do you think about Amnesty International?


If you were on the selection committe, which 11 players would you select for the Pakistani cricket team?


Hell with the Amnesty International.....

I read that they were denied visa to enter SL...

Recommended Cricket DVD?

SL palying like one unit and all players supported the captain and peformed for team cause. Congratulations to SL team lankans are playing brilliantly as one unit.All playes are

supporting and performaing for team cause not for sponsers or self records
same SL team was defeated by ind team 6-1 when team had no politician super player in playing XI under captaincy of dravid

some superstar senior players betryed team
captian and millions of fans by playing
back stage polticis
senior players let down team and major role in early exit of WC
ppl blame ccaptain for team ind wC early exit ry easy to blame captain, What about other 10 players players%u2019s the lack of commtiment , lack of passion to win/perform, , poor body languge or groupism or petty politics played against captain and coach spending time in crease for sponsers cause, playing for self records, many players think they are leaders and not to led by skipper, superstar attitude ..
dravid played under sachin and ganguly captaincy and gave 100 % commited performance but trusted same from senior players and backfired by sachin, ganguly, dhoni bajji zahir and yuvrag…..
matching orders of team india
The real culprits by S Rajesh

While India's players blame their recent poor form on e coach to a sense of insecurity to captain, the plain truth is this: When it really mattered, India's batsmen failed to deliver.

Captaincy myths

Names Matches Won Lost Drawn/Tied Won%
SC Ganguly 146 76 65 5 52.05%
R Dravid 65 33 28 4 50.77%
players who supported back stage poltics, now realised that it can cost their place in team
since many youngsters are knocking the door of team it will difficult get back if once out of team
Ganguly had advantage of leading team for maximu nos of matches and 5 yr lengthier period and 31 wins against weaker team dravid only captian for 16 months and difference in winning average is only 1.22%
Indian express poll 75% favoured dropping sachin and ganguly for odi series against BL
Three former BCCI Presidents today The former Presidents,
It was all about attitude, feels BCCI

Indian cricket needs Chappell: Tiger Pautidi
he was trying to bring in Indian cricked was kind of shift to the emphasis from individual flair and brilliance to a kind of teamwork - which Australia are so good at - which is why he was actually invited to this country.
Cricketers remain unbeaten in advertising field
Most celebrities, who have bet anything between Rs 250- 300 crore on old warhorses Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly, for

Chappell held up a mirror to Indian cricket'-Manjrekar was what John Wright couldn't do for four years, he showed the nation what the team was all about, what problems it had'

Player-agent nexus ruining Indian cricket: former BCCI chiefs
Three former BCCI Presidents today The former Presidents,
It was all about attitude, feels BCCI

that contributed to our losses against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka."

What Are The Ashes?

i agree with sanjaya comments ...

Who should be the new captain of Pakistan cricket team?

to hell with Amnesty international?
wow! ain't it a coincidence that that South African apartheid government said the same thing and did(deny Visa for AI monitors) the same thing Sri Lanka is doing now!

Amnesty international is a non-governmental-non-denominat... organization that is dedicated to speak out against human rights abuses wherever they happen(even in the us). Their report was very true, and it corroborates what the UNICHEF and the Red Cross have been saying about srilanka for years now.

look at the evidence and say if they were wrong or not:)

they have every right to bring the human rights abuses by the srilankan government out to the limelight(the same way they did to the apartheid government of south Africa)


AI Index: ASA 37/010/2007 (Public)
News Service No: 070
12 April 2007


The distortion in Sri Lanka of Amnesty International's campaign "Play by the Rules" is a ploy to distract attention from the increasingly desperate plight of hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan people.

"We are concerned at abuses by all parties to the conflict -- civilians are killed, abducted and forcibly disappeared every day at the hands of government forces, Tamil Tigers, the Karuna faction and other armed groups," said Purna Sen, Asia Pacific Director at Amnesty International. "Let us be clear -- no side in this conflict has anything to be complacent about. On the contrary, all parties are breaching international law by failing to protect civilians."

Increasing abductions, illegal killings and child recruitment in Sri Lanka are all going on unchecked and victims do not receive justice. The intensified fighting over the last year has forced over 300,000 people to flee their homes. At least 1000 people have been forcibly disappeared since the beginning of 2006.

"The situation in Sri Lanka has become so desperate for local people that urgent action is needed. Civilians desperately need better protection and a key goal of our campaign is to press for independent human rights monitors to investigate human rights abuses and identify the perpetrators, so they can be brought to justice," said Purna Sen.

"Through our campaign we are drawing attention to the increasing human rights abuses committed against civilians by the Sri Lankan government, the Tamil Tigers, the Karuna faction and other armed groups. The lives of hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans are being affected -- our campaign is about these people, not the Sri Lankan cricket team."

"The Sri Lankan government is failing in its responsibility to protect civilians; there have been over 4000 deaths since early 2006 while this government has been in power. Reported accusations that Amnesty International has 'tarnished the country's image' do not bear scrutiny -- the authorities need to look closer to home," continued Purna Sen.

"The Tamil Tigers have killed hundreds of civilians in summary executions and indiscriminate bomb attacks. They are continuing to forcibly recruit child soldiers and have even prevented civilians from fleeing the fighting in the North and East."

"It is a small step for all parties to the conflict to agree to allow access to independent human rights monitors but it would make a huge difference to the lives of ordinary Sri Lankans."

"Cricket is a great game and the Sri Lankan people are rightly proud of their ethnically diverse national cricket team, which symbolises the best of Sri Lanka," said Purna Sen. "But hundreds of thousands of people have had to flee the fighting to live in temporary shelter -- and so are not able to live in safety let alone watch cricket."

Amnesty International emphasised that it was not calling for a boycott of the Sri Lankan cricket team or Sri Lankan sports overall and is not campaigning in any stadiums in the West Indies.

Public Document
For more information please call Amnesty International's press office in London, UK, on +44 20 7413 5566

Sri Lanka: Play by the Rules!

All parties involved in the escalating armed conflict in Sri Lanka need to ‘Play by the Rules!’ now to prevent the human rights crisis that is emerging in the country claiming more lives. Amnesty International (AI) calls on the Sri Lankan government, LTTE, Karuna faction and other armed groups to respect the rules of international humanitarian law and to protect civilians. AI believes international human rights monitors are needed immediately for better protection of those hundreds of thousands caught up in the conflict.

Some 4,000 civilians are dead; over 300,000 people are displaced; homes, schools and places of worship have been destroyed, all since the fighting intensified in April 2006. A pattern of enforced disappearances in the north, east and the capital Colombo has re-emerged. Unlawful killings, recruitment of child soldiers by armed groups, and abductions have also increased.

Time for human rights monitors’

Just as cricket flourishes through respect for its rules so all sides in Sri Lanka must respect the rules of armed conflict. Monitors are needed to act as an impartial watchdog in order to;

Sign your cricket ball now!
• document and investigate the increasing number of abuses being committed by the Sri Lanka security forces, LTTE and other armed groups

• publicize their findings

• recommend appropriate action to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice.

Their presence will have a direct impact on the lives of ordinary Sri Lankans as all parties to the conflict will be less likely to commit human rights violations while the world is watching.

Protect civilians in Sri Lanka now!

Amnesty International urges the government, LTTE, Karuna faction and other armed groups to support the setting-up of an international monitoring mechanism in Sri Lanka.

SriLanka tops the list of countries which abuse human rights

It is also the second on the list of countries in which it is considered "dangerous to be a journalist"

The United Nations. the amnesty international and the red cross have indeed stated that the srilankan government forcibly captures Tamil children to be used as soldiers

A comprehensive list(with sources) of incidents of Human Rights abuses by the Srilankan government

Srilankan journalists issued death htreats by the president+his brother!!

a report from the International federation of journalists About abuses by Srilanka

report from "Free Media Movement – Sri Lanka" about the suppression of freedom

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Dear Simply agree with you.

How can i watch world cup cricket 2007 live for free online on the pc?and legally.?

its awesome

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