Who has scored the most runs in cricket world cup?

In 2003 and 1999


Highest run scorer in cricket?

Sachin Sachin Sachin Sachin Sachin Sachin Sachin

Master Blaster Has Scored 1467 Runs In 2003 And 1999

Dravid Was Highest Scorer For 2003 : 674
Sachin Was 2nd Highest Scorer For 2003 : 629

Sachin Was Highest Scorer For 1999 : 738

Will the cricket worldcup 2007 be broadcast in cameroon?

1999 and 2003- Sachin Tendulkar from India.

ICC 2007 pts?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar It The Highest Scorer For That Two WC
Master Blaster Has Scored 1467 Runs In 2003 And 1999
Sachin Was Highest Scorer For 1999 : 738
But In 2003 Rahul Dravid Was Highest Scorer
Dravid Scores: 674
Sachin Was 2nd Highest Scorer : 629

Will the Indian cricket team win against the Sri Lankan cricket team in World Cup 2007 ?

In 2003 Sachin Tendulkar
In 1999 Rahul Dravid

How can i watch world cup cricket live on my computer in free of cost? i am living in usa.?

Sachin mat 34 runs 1732

Who is right Ricky Ponting or Gavaskar?

Sachin Tandulkar holds the record of most runs in world cup.
he score 1732 run in world cup

What do I wear to the cricket world cup opening ceremony in Jamaica??

in 2003 dravid
in 1999 sachin

World Cup question, Which 2 teams will qualify from each Pool?

sachin in 2003

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