Any cricket fans?? What do you think about sri lankan team?

HEY! any comments on how sri lankans performed throughout this world cup and how they will be in the coming games to play!!!


If India will win the srilanka match then also will India enter into the super 8 in the world cup?

Sri Lanka are good team, and they still pose a threat for any team that comes their way. They have played brilliantly and the Proteas (RSA) were lucky to win that match. The West Indies were just no match for the Sri Lankans as they won comfortably.

But for the record, South Africa are going all the way to the finals - no matter who they face in the semis!

Srilanka vs pak odi series in abudhabi is lively telecasting on ddsports ,promise?

I like fried crickets.

Do you think Media is unreasonably targetting Inzamam ?


Who is the Worldd 's best Batsmen in this Era?

Before the cup started I liked this team to play Australia in the final. They have a new fast bowler, who will take over as their number one fast bowler in the team. The best one day spinner in the world and a fiery batting line up.
Just sit back watch them go, they are great to watch.

Who is the miss india ?

They have some really good players,
Jayasurya,Sangakkara,Dilshan, Samara silva,Murali etc...
But Malinga is awkward.

Is SL good to win WC?

they r good side

English speaking question .?

I like SriLankan team and they played realy good !!

Bookies link discovered in Woolmer's death - INZI the culprit!!( Part 2)?


Who's the tallest n coolest man in cricket?


Is Muralitharan like Tendulkar - a choker on the big stage?

Yeah. you've risen a Question of an utmost importance,
Regarding 2007 cricket world cup.
you have to accept the fact Lankans are serious contender for this cup.
Actually they have the uncanny Luck to lift the Most Coveted Cup.
In1996 they had that misterius luck too.
Even Australia need luck.
They are in a good shape.They have flair & talent.
Now most immportantly they hanve rekindled their ability to win in alien ,overseas conditions.
They proved that in Guyana's newest stadium..
They defeated star studded Indian team with clinical aproach.
South Africans escaaped unscathed by desimal points.
As Mahela puts....."It's time to be ruthless".
Can you remember,..It was supposed to Indian's, world cup this time.
Sachin being senior most he should have waited until right moment comes.
But these blokes from Sri Lanka had other ideas.!
Furthermore it was 250 runs to get.
Lankans got it by running between wickets.
They have come of age now.
They have matuered to do it again .
The Second time lifting the world cup is a serious challenge to high riding Oz.
N>Z> are less challenging to Lankans..
Australian dominance may decline in near fure in front of these fighting Sri Lankans.Nobody knows..
We have solid facts for that.
SL has upper hand...for future games..
Its all the way for Asian Teams
No more 'Old-English-gentelmen' ruling the Cricket World.
But see how they became top of the world right now...
Though they beat india They still had to give their best ever performance..
They almost won with South Africa.,by Malinga heroics.
Now It's Sri Lanka's time to be Called As,...
"Star- studded Cricket team of World cup -2007"
Their.. ballers and fielders taught how to win when you ,balling second time.
When Uthappa and Ganguly walked in, India had a target of just 255 runs, on a wicket which had dried and gone flatter. But nobody showed the charactor to stay on, except Dravid. It was his flurry of fours off Malinga in one over that had raised the hopes of Indian fans just for a while.
Anybody can be so sure that ,the turning point was Sachin’s getting out to Big-Fernando, through the gate for a duck.
That was a vital blow. India could not recover.Like wise when Vass on full flaw any thing can happen.
History may repeat this time like 1996.
Whatever little chances India had went up in flames
when Yuvraj was run out by Lankans.
They made presure on much favoured Indians.
Next time, Australia,New Zealand have to feel the presure.

It is really worth analysing the differenceteams from the sub-continent. India’s strength was batting and given the proper conditions, their medium pacers and the spinners could be devastating.
If not, Indian's shoulders start drooping and the bowling goes haywire with all kind of experimentations. It could happen to the batting too.

Exactly opposite are Sri Lanka, except that their batting is as good if not better. We were the big brothers when they started. Now they are the elders. What an irony. They are better fielders for sure, and the bowlers bowl to the field under any circumstances unless it’s a completely off day for them.Sri Lanka now posses the most Deadliest Bowling attck of this world cup.
And it's the most Varied too.
From knocking out neibouring Indian Star batsmen Lankans started the illustrious procetion of sending 'em to pavilion parade.
sachin ganguly,rahul,Lara, Chanderpaul <peiterson, Flintoff,Voughen,Gayle,Kallis,... Gibbs,.& many more to come.

Muralitharan,Vass,Malinga & Dilhara. just outstanding.
And most importantly, they play as a team and not as individuals. And that’s the thin line that differentiated the two teams. We saw absolutely no regional biases, despite all kinds of problems in their small country.
They had civil war,& Tsunami.
But still they rise like legendery phinix bird.
So wait,fans more fire works yet to come...
They now have to beat only 3 teams to advance easyly to much awaited semi finals.
They play atractive Cricket.
And they atre oozing with self confidence.
Long live cricket !!!

A cricket ground has been devided into off side and on side. How these naming conventions came to use?

They are the Asian champs and they will be the world champs in near future.

Cricket question..?

Sri Lanka is a very strong and well balanced team. They have played exceedingly well in the present world cup. If they continue to perform at the same level, they are capable of defeating any team in this world cup.

Are we going to get good finals?Aus vs SL?

SRI LANKA has become one strong team. Maybe the only team with the ability to beat AUS.

They are very focused, determined, and collectively they play for the betterment of the team.

Do you think BCCI decisions on players sponsorships will help indian cricket ?

Hi just been very boring 2 days on the 5th and the 6th when the cricket was not on but could not stop me from going on its like an addiction I was happy to see the replay action of the matches. There service for the world cup has been terrific be it the commentary or score or streaming they rank 10/10 for it. As mentioned in my earlier posts they have excellent customer support I’ll be always honored for the services they have delivered in this world cup.

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