Will the Indian cricket team win against the Sri Lankan cricket team in World Cup 2007 ?

This is a million dollar question. I wish to know your ideas on how the match will go. I am a person who respects your views/ideas/information since your views/ideas/information are also as much important as that of my ideas/views/information.


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We all hav hopes, that our Indian team would win the WORLD CUP 2007!
But v cannot predict anything which is gonna take place... It's all in the hands of our players... we all can give them the encouragement, but it's their part to work hard& practise well !
All that I can tell is " ALL THE BEST INDIAN TEAM"

Will Australia be able to tackle Lanka ?

They must win.
They are capable beating the best one day and losing to the weakest next day..

Why should Team 2 sometimes be set the task of scoring more runs than were made by Team 1 when they have the s

anything can happen.
india can and india can't .
because it is cricket.
we can't take any team easily.
because we suffer loss againt bangladesh, pakistan loss vs ireland so...

but still india can ..

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Yes my friend INDIA will win against Sri Lankan cricket team in the world cup 2007......Hope against hope??

Can u please name the australian cricket team entering world cup?

Nothing can be said in cricket and politics
any thingh can happen but in this match india will win the match against Srilanka.

Cricket World Cup Champions 2007? Who will it be? Why?

Well, we have to be positive and think that we will win and that is also with good margin otherwise it would be tough to be in supper 8 ..

million dollar question is that for what these players take so much money??

I am living in surrey canada and i want to buy cricket ps2 game. what should i do coz i dont know we have cric

They will need to improve.

Why India wont continue their success?

I think that the shock defeat against Bangladesh was enough to wake up the Indian Team to come out of complacency and fight hard to win the match against Sri Lanka as it is a do or die situation for their survival in the world cup.

Which Cricket team has looked positive in its approach so far in this World Cup?

hey they must be because i think now they realise how big mistake they have did while playing match with bangladesh without taking topmost indian bowlers like sreesanth kumble irfan but i think me, u and whole country should pray for our team to reach worldcup final and win that cup and come back their homecountry with worldcup which our whole country aspects from team india

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