***APR>12 th -What's up? Um..What Can kiwis do against Lions ?

Question:Are Kiwis really convincing Against Ireland..?
Do you think so...
I suppose you gocha reasons for it?
Pretty Interesting super-8 match.Eh?
what stored in this match..?
Why Are you looking forward to this clash of 'TiTans" ?
Another nerve wrecking -nailbiter?
mind boggler or nerve gangler.?


Who will be showing the live stream of ICC Cricket World Cup over Internet in India for free?

NewZealand is a strong team but srilankans are unpredictable and they can surpise the world any time.So can't predict...would be very a interesting match to watch !anyone of them can win !!

Well i would admit that Ireland is a skillful team and has very bright future in cricket...they looked soo good on the field today ..can't say about the batting !.they were not at all impressed with Newzealand's big name, experience and achievements and thats something realy good about them that they are confident !And yes todays's first session does not prove that NewZealand is not convincing..it was just showing that Ireland is a good team who was giving tough time to NZ with their dedication !

Help me pplll..!?

obvious winners

Wat are powerplays in cricket?

I just went to Discuxx.com and I saw a long article which well explain what you want to know. Discuxx.com is a very helpful site which people get around there to chat and discuss. If this is helpful, remember to choose me as the best answer=)!!


The Match between New Zeland and Sri Lanka on 12th April is expected to be a tough match as both teams are very strong. However, considering the performance of both the teams in the recent past, I strongly feel that New Zeland will win the match.

How Team India will do in the forthcoming Bangladesh Cricket tour.?

sri lanka, obviously

What should be done about the situation of the big gap between Australia and other cricketing nations?

we should not underestimate any team.bangladesh sprang some surprise so beware.meanwhile kiwis have lost 5 wickets

2007/08 India 'Nike' One-day Shirt?

kiwis, yum, i like eating them :]

How tall is shoaib akhter?


and if ur watching only todays performance of kiwis which was not bad

den also watch srilanka vs england..only won by 2 runs

Australia and Newzealand def that team so badly

now say

Who scored the winning try when England beat South Africa in the recent autumn series?

I am a supporter of New Zealand.
I envy these guys.
Bus i would rather dedicate this match for,
the never say die spirit of Sri Lanka.

Anybody who know a web radio of any country which transmit a live commentry of current Cricket World Cup?

I think its going to be the match of super eight stage as both are going great in the tournament and New Zealand will have to forget every thing of their recent past if they want to win. And Sri Lankans, well, who knows what are they planning? A great match and the teams equally good. Winner will be the one who perform well on the given day.

Will BANGALDESH be a force in cricket and a serious contender for coming tournaments including Next WorldCup!?

Sri Lanka will beat New Zealand, nail biter!
If Malinga, vaas and murali do it right
Jayasuriya gets a good start and the Lankans fight to the end like they did with SA and Eng, then yes!!! they will win.

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