Fans, Aren't you excited?

Question:SEMI FINAL STAGE -WORLD CUP Cricket 2007
who do you support for... & why


CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007- whos taking the trophy home?

yeah i'm really excited...!! I'm trying to get a short leave today to go and watch the match. i really like to see SL and Ausi in Finals... but for that, SL must win today's match... today is a big day.i hope SL win today's match... but it doesn't matter if NZ beat them... because i know this match will make a big competition between two of them...that's what we want to see as cricket fans...
All da best...!

Who won the first semi final cricket world cup in jamaica?

Yeah! I'm very excited. I support Srilanka as they are the only Asian team left. They are also charged up and are playing well. Go Srilanka!

Where can i get the official song of the Cricket World Cup 2007?

Nope, Yawning.

How many players are on a polo team?

what is cricket?

Do I smell match fixing?

No one gives a * about a damn sports game the internet is not for your Fantasies

International Cricket Champions 2007? Who will show color?

Yes indeed I am and I am an ardent supporter of Sri Lanka after the exit of our own team. Sri Lankans are going great guns in this tournament and I believe their mission will be accomplished when they win tomorrow and then in the final on 28th. Good luck Mahela and his boys!

Who is your favourite player from each international cricket team and why?

I'm so exicited, I'm literally counting the hours before the games start, especially the Sri Lankan game.
I'm a Sri Lankan supporter because I think they play fantastic cricket, all round. Unlike their more popular neighbors, Sri Lanka goes out to the field and more often than not they get the job done.
I'm a West Indian and thats another reason why I support Sri Lanka, they play a game similar to the west indies, their fans supports them as the west indian fans (dare I say Sri Lanka's supporters are louder).
Another reason why I love this team, is that the play simple, effective cricket. They cover their bases and don't really rely much on the high tech aspect of the game like Australia does.

Is Indian Cricket Team: A bunch of over paid Brats and rascles.?

what is cricket?
mbd says
who is mbd?
maD baD do*...?
by the way kiwi or lion or springbok or kangaroos
they R the best
they proved it by entering hard fought battle to Semis.
other team did well too.
i thoroufhly enjoyed fantastic Cricket last two months.
too bad its gonna finish.
but everything counts down to the grand FINALE
go Asi*** go

Can india win 2007 cricket world cup with dravid as a captain ?..?

Bookies because they decide who will win

Does Ponting have a f**ish for transsexuals?

sure dude, but i m kinda skecptical about whom to support
to be honest i have little support of all the teams my home team england is out of the world cup
so dont really have any particular team to support
but i would have to say its either between sri lanka or australia

Why do we often make many of the cricketrs our crushhhh?

Excited? not realy !! but yes it would be interesting to watch the semis and boring matches are over...I support NZ, SA and Srilanka..three out of the four semifinalists !! and i wonder what would i feel when Autralia would take this trophy to their country again ! I hope not good atleast !!And why ! so I m a just a fan of these three teams....South Africa and NZ are my all time favourit teams and Srilanka is a new entry in my list !no specific reason of liking !!

Is winning the 1983 worldcup a CURSE for indian cricket?

I'll go with the allblacks coz i hate the Australian n the tamil tigers.

Which team win the world cup?

win or lose the aussies rock!

Will mohan and his group get Prize in Avishkar 2007 being held at SGGS IE&T, Vishnupuri Nanded, INDIA?

hi! i want newzeland or south Africa to win this world cup so that a new team will win this world cup.

Pls give me aus vs new score?

yep dis is much awaited SEMI finals
i am supporting to srilanka & Southafrica ..
cuz they are the winners ..
And this is the world cup climax
again we have to wait for 4 years.

Who do you think is hott? liam plunkett, james anderson, or irfan pathan.?

Sri Lanka has a very good chance to win this world cup.
They have come to play the semi finals with a good strategic plan. So far so good.

They will have the best weapons in the semi agaist the New sealand and It's hard to beat with such a talent.

On the other hand South africans have become the favourites in their semi final against Aussies after they beat england with stunning performance.

My prediction is that Sri Lanka will meet South Africans in the finals.
Sri Lanaka will be the winners::

Who should be "Man of the Tournament...? I think M?

sri lanka

Surely you don't think Ed Joyce should be dropped from the England team now?

Very Very Very excited. But better my home team wins. Otherwise I'll feel so frustrated after days of anticipation.

Why Isn't the world cup cricket free to air? Come on the networks not everyone can afford pay tv.?

First of all i am not excited because india is out.
i support for aussie cuz they are the best and unbeatable and are in a really good form.

Would you be suprised?

Im going for South Africa and Australia because they both are awesome teams and my favourite!!!!!!!...

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