(CRICKET)Why does the ball move to the oposite side where it is shined?


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Pioneers and notable practitioners of reverse swing have mostly been Pakistani fast bowlers. Former Pakistan international Sarfraz Nawaz was the founder of reverse swing during the late 1970s, and he passed his knowledge on to former team-mate Imran Khanh[[1],who in turn taught the duo of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. The English pair of Andrew Flintoff and Simon Jones are also well known for the ability to reverse swing the ball. Waqar Younis taught Jones, his then Glamorgan team mate, the skill, who went on to instruct Flintoff. [2]

In the early days of reverse swing, Pakistani bowlers were suspected of ball tampering to achieve the conditions of the ball that allow reverse swing, but today they are considered to simply have been ahead of their time.[citation needed]

Flintoff is a noted exponent of reverse swingNormal swing occurs mostly when the ball is fairly new. As it wears more, the aerodynamics of the asymmetry change and it is more difficult to extract a large amount of swing.

When the ball becomes very old—around 40 or more overs old ,it can begin to swing towards the polished side rather than the rough side. This is known as reverse swing (Andrew Flintoff and Simon Jones have been known to produce reverse swing in balls as young as 15 overs old [3]). In essence, both sides have turbulent flow, but here the seam causes the airflow to separate earlier on one side. The result is always a swing to the side with the later separation, so the swing is away from the seam. (See External Links.)

Reverse swing is difficult to achieve consistently, as it relies on uneven wear of the ball, tends to occur mostly in hot, dry weather conditions, and requires bowling at high speed. Normal swing can be achieved at relatively moderate bowling speeds, but only the fastest bowlers can regularly produce reverse swing.

Reverse swing tends to be stronger than normal swing, and to occur late in the ball's trajectory. This gives it a very different character to normal swing, and because batsmen experience it less often they generally find it much more difficult to defend against. It is also possible for a ball to swing normally in its early flight, and then to reverse as it approaches the batsman, giving its trajectory an S-shape through the air.

Controversy regarding reverse swing has never left modern cricket, as the Pakistani team was accused of ball tampering by the controversial Australian umpire Darrell Hair during the fourth test against England in 2006 when the ball began to reverse swing after the 50th over. His co-umpire Billy Doctrove fully supported him in this action. A hearing subsequently found that there was not sufficient evidence to convict of ball tampering.

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less wind resistance

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Its a mystery? Who really knows

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air flows over the shiny side better therefore creating a pressure change pulling the ball in towards the shiny side.

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because of some scientific reasons

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Refer a Physics book!!!!

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there is lest wind resistance on the shiny side, and so the pressure differential drags the ball towards the rougher side.

its important to remember that a lot of these things cant be explained, and that there are countless theories. i mean, look at the ideas behind reverse-swing.. weight, moisture (in the air AND coming up from the surface), pressure, astrology.. not really astrology, but yeah, my point is its a mystery to most people.
if it werent so, then people might be able to control it a little bit better.

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smooth surface goes one way
rough surface another

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