Why players become greater than CRICKET in INDIA?

Senior players think themself greater than CRICKET.They never work hard to improve performence rather spoil carrir of genius young players


Who is the leading wicket taker for Sri Lanka and who is the leading runscorer in the World Cup ?

That is because India do not have a good bench strength of talented players just like Australia have. Hence senior players take their place in the team as granted as they very well know that no talented players are available in the reserve to replace them.

Any chance is there for Ausies to win Cricket world cup?

sir ecxactly you provide the answer yourself
yet iwill say it yet again
Senior players think themself greater than CRICKET.

They never work hard to improve performence rather
spoil carriers of genius young players

why i dont knowis they can not step down gracefully

Who is sachine Tandulkar and why did he taken interest in cirect games and why he not playing good game.?

That is because India do not have a good bench strength of talented players just like Australia have. Hence senior players take their place in the team as granted as they very well know that no talented players are available in the reserve to replace them.

Which semifinalis S.africa able to beat ?

Its Simple. 1. They are concentrating to develope their individual skills not but the team. 2. They are focussing their individual records not but the team.

Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar or Ricky Ponting?

because of innocent naive young minds in India who adore them as Gods and place them higher than anything else in the world!

The adoration for these cricketer never stops and that builds their egos and they think they're greater than the game itself!

These fools through cricket earned a ton of money.with ads,commercials, endorsements.THEY USED CRICKET!!!

They turned their back on the game and now the game turned its back on them...they deserved it!

Hi how can i download cricket 97,2005,2007 to my pc ??i have tried easports also ?

because of media..
media dont cover other sports and other sportsperson..
and a big crowed..gathering around tvs..in their free time..
they all are free in india..shopkeepers have tvs in their shops..governement workers dont work and sit to watch the game..why..because it is days long and they can pass time watching it..
and doing so they unconciously become addictive to watch..why players becomes greater than cricket..
tv replays..slowmotions running..catches..bowled..stum... and again..
if u see a thing too many times u will recognise them very easily..
they r just like u and me-- but nobody knows us because we sit and chat on computer without showing our faces..

my only suggestion that ad compnies should pay them a lot of money..but icc and cricketers should pay for pay per view tv sessions..my cable bill and a free ticket if i am going to watch a match..then they won or loose i dont give a dam**

Has the world of cricket lost its sense of integrity and responsibility?

Because of You and Me. We treat them like they have come from another planet and stand in 'Q' and buy tickets, buy the products sponsored by them, go after them for autographs and crowd round them.

These fellows take huge money from cricket and much more than that from the sponsors ( who sell useless items/products in the name of Cricketers and Actors. These actors and cricketers never use these items).

They never take risk in playing like the Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans since they know that they cannot be changed. They have vested interested support from their states, sponsors, cricket board members etc. There are state Governments like West Bengal who support individual players. Some players consistently come from only some states. Some states are ignored.We have unfortunately Bengalis, Maharashtrians,Kannadigas, Punjabis, Delhites as players , no Indians.

Hell of lot of money is in this game. So there is all GOLMOL.

Who likes to shut braggy pesky Ponty?

because of celebrity status

Who win today's world cup-2007?

Because fools like us watch the matches on TV as if that is the ultimate goal!!

This viewing game on TV by us gives the channel to put on air more advertisement and in turn more money to players.

So stop watching the game on TV then the advt revenue will fall. So players will not focus of advt but on game.

Big question: Who will bell the cat?

Any way stop watching or following the game and you will gain time to do better things in life.

Who is your best player of icc awards of 2006?

Because they get political & sectarian backings in BCCI itself. They r greedy & money hungry & r badly spoiled by dirty mined industrialists who use them in ads for their cheap ends destroying standard & quality. Pamperings , mafiaism, hawkism ,daddgiri & other sorts of goondaism in players & BCCI must stop before public takes laws into is hands & stops any match through boycotts & general strikes as it is fully succesful in Kashmir valley to cripple any wrong & illegal thing imposed on them there dictatorially to let the world know that they want their basic & fundamental basic right decided by UNO in April 1948( under UN Charter 7 international law) which is irreplaceable by anything outside UNO by any other things of fraudulent manipulation type like ( all BOGUS ) so called assembly elections etc., all rejected by UNO itself. That is all fraud & not decision by honesty & justice. Kashmir is a disputed zone & not at all integral part of any country. It can not be provd to be so.

Photographs of M.S.Dhoni?

Players constitute team.

Name the official dress colours of all cricket teams of all countries?

You speak absolute rubbish.

#These cricketers have dedicated their lives to the game. Sitting at home you cannot judge the sacrifices they make and the effort put in by them.

#The very fact that they are senior cricketers is testimony to their ability to perform over long periods consistently. Non performers don't stay in the team. Do not judge them by 2 matches at the world cup. The Indian fan's memory span is only one week, which is a pity.

#Why don't they have the right to earn money??
Only performers get sponsors. Only if you perform on the field will you get ads to do. They barely spend 1-2 weeks a yr in shooting commercials. It's only that those ads are viewed by you time and again.

Essel Group plans to set up new cricket league?

It's because the fans have made them this big. These players have worked hard but I don't think they ever entered cricket to become huge celebrities, but that's what has happened anyway.

When India wins, people treat the players like Gods. Then they are seen everywhere, on TV, in magazines, on huge billboards. The media give them such importance and people accept it and want more. Some players have become brands, they appear in so many other places apart from on the pitch, that they've become more important than the game itself.

How can I watch or listen to live Test cricket on the Web in the U.S.?

its all about money

Ireland Won Again??

Ganguly is a good example of the same case and players have to follow his style of comeback.
but I feel great sorrow that chappel and board again taking action against him even after perfoming well.

What website can we watch the world cup cricket games...?

most players are self centered , and when they get the adulation they get lot of marketing opportunities. more money ---- feeling that you are far apart from others ----
more and more self centered --------- less cricket
---- downfall of team

So only a little effort at the beginning is necessary mostly on home soil and responsive wickets.

talent is not equivalent to performance and results.
Indian players believe that by grace of god given talent they
will remain invincible.

every 4 years they get found out.

i n three months all will be forgotten , they will thrash all comers at home,average indian fan doesnt travel outside india so for him the player who thrashes others will become gods gifted child .

fans spoil the cricketers and then marketing guys profit.
So dropping an idol becomes more of a marketing issue then, who knows they may be getting involved in selections too.

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