Any astrologers here?

Question:Will India qualify for super 8?

Excuse me I want real astrologers


Can you give me some tips on cricket captaincy?

yes i am astrologer of many years, india will fail miserably so get over it and move on its not the end of the world

Can any1 explain what will happen now?

I am not real astrologer though you find my predictions better than any ordinary 'man'.

Next Matches
Ind vs. Ber ~> Ind
Ban vs. SL ~> SL
Ind vs. SL ~> Ind
Ber vs. Ban ~> Ber
Ban = 2 points, Ind = 4 points, SL = 4 points, Ber = 2 points.
Unfortunately, in Ber vs. Ban match, Ban's none of the player will be able to score more than 20 runs, while Ber will win the match against Ban.
Then Ind will go to super eights as B group1

Super 8
Ind vs. Ire ~> Ind
Ind vs. Wi ~> Wi
Ind vs. Aus ~> Aus
Ind vs. SA ~> SA
Ind vs. NZ ~> Ind
Ind vs. Eng ~> Ind
SL vs. Ire ~> SL
SL vs. Aus ~> SL
SL vs. Wi ~> Wi
SL vs. SA ~> SA
SL vs. NZ ~> NZ
SL vs. Eng ~> SL
Ire vs. Aus ~> Aus
Ire vs. SA ~> SA
Ire vs. NZ ~> NZ
Ire vs. Eng ~>Eng
Eng vs. SA ~>Eng
Eng vs. Aus ~> Aus
Eng vs Wi ~> Wi
NZ vs Aus ~> NZ
Nz vs SA ~> SA
NZ vs Wi ~> NZ
Aus vs Wi ~> Aus
Sa vs Wi ~> WI


Semi finals
Aus vs SA~>SA
NZ vs WI~>NZ

NZ vs SA~>NZ

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