2 batsman each on 94. 7 runs 2 win in 3 balls. both makes unbeaten 100 how?

this a mindbender i also dont known so explain in detail ur answer


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One batsman hits the ball and run for a run. Ball deflects the helmet kept behind the wicket keeper before it is fielded. Hence batsman gets 6runs (5 extra runs for the ball hitting the helmet plus one run taken by the batsman by running). He completes the century and remain at non-strikers end. The other batsman faces the next delivery. He hit the ball for six run and completes his century too. The team also wins the match.

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sIt is assumed that it is the last ball of the over. The batsman with 94 runs hits a sixer of the last ball. The other batsman who is also with 94 facing the first ball of the next over also hits a six. Both makes unbeaten century with a ball to spare and wins the match.

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It's certainly possible in two balls, but I don't know of a solution in three, except that the first ball is a dot ball.
Since it is assumed that a match will be scheduled to end at the end of an over (not half way through one), it is near impossible to have them change strike, unless...:

- 7 to win, 2 balls to go, Batsman A (94*) on strike:
Ball is struck, the batsmen run three, but one is disallowed as an accidental short run (because one of the batsmen accidentally fails to make his ground before turning and running back). The fielder chasing the ball then tries to return the ball to the wicket-keeper (the ball is still live at this point) but the keeper doesn't get hold of it and the ball continues to the boundary for four overthrows. Thus the batsman scores six for his century and Batsman B is now at the crease.
- 1 to win, 1 ball to go, Batsman B (94*) on strike:
Ball is hit for six. Batsman B gets his century and his team wins the match.

Note - the short run must be accidental, since in an intentional short run, all runs are disallowed.

Many wrong answers include:
- No-balls. Even one no-ball will mean that the match is over as soon as one batsman gets his century, not giving the other one a chance.
- Ball hitting a helmet on field. The batting team would be awarded five penalty runs which are awarded as extras, not to the batsman's score.

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It is not possible!


the batsman on strike will hit a four on the third ball which is a no
ball then he will take a single to complete his 100 . other batsman will then hit a 6 to complete his 100 and they will finish on 100s unbeaten
this happens because on a no ball if the batsman scores some runs then 1 run off the no ball is added to his score

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Batsman 1 hits a six off the first ball, reaching his 100.

On the second ball batsman 1 hits the ball high in the air and is caught out, but the batsman cross. Even though they have ran a single it does not count as the batsman was caught.
The new batsman will now have to go to the non strikers end.

Now batsman 2 is on strike and he hits a 6 to win the match.

But this means one batman is out!

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