Actually Greg Chappel succeeded in his mission to stop INDIA from winning the WC.?

Question:He was a mole planted by ACB,Australian Cricket Board to stop a emerging super power, able to stop Australia's dominance over both versions of the game.
In order to achieve this first he removed Saurav both from team and his captaincy, by taking advatage of Ganguly's poor
form and by intigating Dravid against him.
Then he killed the technique of Sehwag and Irfan Pathan by
suggesting too much advice to them.
He never helped Sachin in improving upon his game.
There was never a motivational speech only hard core tactics
to intimidate players.
He immediately resigned from this job as coach since his objective was achieved.
There was no remorse for his failure,and the worst part is
he got paid heavily by BCCI.
Since, he is very out spoken and arrogant nobody in BCCI
quesioned his Integrity?
He did what ACB wanted,since he is a hard core Australian,infact he showed entire INDIA the famous finger
he put it at display in Calcutta to angry fans booing him.
Result= Aus 3rd WCwin


Disrespect to 'GURU' Chappel unbecoming: Sachin, other Seniors can't criticise after their performance.?

Am sorry to say friend that both your question and comments are totally immature as also unfair.Do you really think that Australia needed to plant a mole to stop India.Look at the ease with which Australia is winning all its matches.Or you think that these wins too are doctored in some way or the other.Whereas there may be some truth in saying that the tough methods of Greg Chappel did not work well with the Indian players who to say the least are used to being highly pampered,but to say that a player of Sachin's experience could not produce one innings of class against minnows like Bangladesh or Shri Lanka merely because Greg did not help in improving his game is the height of exaggeration.Do you really think that Sachin needs guidance from Greg to improve his game.Your prejudice is not able to make you reallise that Sachin,Saurav etc are now practically over the hill and it is futile to expect anything more from them.And how can Sehwag's continuous failures be attributed to Greg.Why don't you blame your selectors who send a team of ageing and out of form players to the world cup,when what was required was a young team full of energy ready to throw themselves at the ball in any manner to prevent it from going to the boundary.And why select a team of players with a history of disputes amongst each other.Or are you attributing the disputes amongst the team members also to Greg inspite of the tendency amongst Indians to quarrel with each other being known since the times of Prithviraj and Jaychand centuries ago. And lastly how can you think that just one man can have so much effect on a team of 15 players consisting of so many stars who at times are worshipped as Gods by our public.What Gods are these to be effected so badly by just one man.Couldn't the team have risen above Greg if he was so bad.No friend.The writing was already there on the wall.Hadn't we easily lost to the weak West Indies team on these very pitches just a few months ago.Probably Your intense desire to see India win did not allow you to see this writing on the wall.

Should cricket be accepted as National Sport?

I accept your anger..who is the main culprit and destroyed the Indian team.Indian government intervene this sack chappel and throw out the entire members of BCCI.

Is it safe to assume that England are out of the World Cup?

hahahahah, how old r u 15 ?
or if u r older then this how can u be such an idiot
do u know when a huge corportation or a trust hire people in a high position, they usually have to go thru backgroud check
and dont make lame excuses for india's pathetic performance
there are no excuse, chappell was the coach, and he could only give advice but the team players were meant to play not him
not a single match that i saw indians playing with full motivation

How can i see ICC cricket world cup live in Internet ?

BCCI has woken up.Handed over team management to Indians.Point is how many cricket playing countries have black skinned coach? then why we should run after white coaches when India has talent in every field

Which bowler took five wickets in the first over of a world cup match?

While people have freedom to talk anything they want, it is totally unfair to imagine something or blame somebody without any proof or evidence.

Where can I see today's Cricket match on the net between India and Sri Lanka at Vishakapatnam?

Yes. You are 100% right. I also saw Glenn Mc Grath tell in the TV that India was incapable of being in the WC Super 8. He was paid some 785,000 dollars for the statement. But you also see the adverse effect too..

Greg Chapell will not be the coach after some weeks.

Being a cricket player myself (in school level), I support you that he had actually come from the ACB to destroy the whole lot of Indian cricket team.

What team will win the Cricket World Cup?

Does ACB really need to do that, India was never a threat even under John wright. Their consistency was always in question particularly while playing overseas.
Think about GC and his reputation had he succeeded. he would have further contract with India and no other country would have paid as much India would have paid him. The satisfaction he would have derived in the cricket crazy country will be much more than what ACB can offer. It is not money alone and I am sure he has plenty which can meet his needs.
Look at Australia's consistency they are No 1 team again.
They dont need anybody's help while we need help from yagna, Astrology, Tarot cards and all the best wishes from the fans.

What happened in the cricket?

it is very immature comment
there is a saying "a tawaif(dancer) who cannot dance properly blamed it on the uneven floor"!
our overhyped stars failed in all dept of the game except endorsements!!
warning bells about india's poor preparation was already rung in 2006 itself by GURU GREG which was neglected by the board itself!
he did not get the team he wanted,instead had to settle for a team determined by the senior players!!
he was absolutely right in saying that indians can never raise their game to australian level,instead will become another zimbabwe if this internal politics is not stopped!!
the biggest loser is india,millions of spectators!
ICING CAKE:tendulakar's attitude and comment against GURU GREG because he could not digset the BITTER FACT told by the former coach!

Dhoni can enter to bat at opening(second batsman) the the teams runrate will be increased wht u thnk answer me

You are an idiot. Just because your overrated team lost you are trying to blame it on whatever you can. Just face the facts, INDIA WERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!
Seeing stupid comments like this makes it easy to see how the Paki coach was murdered. Are you going to make GC two out of two?
Greg Chappell is one of the most competitive people on the face of the Earth and is always focused on winning. If your team adopted his attitude they might actually get somewhere.

Which is the best watched game in india?

i would give him 9/10

Message to all Indian fans": INDIA LOST, GET OVER IT!?

Still looking for excuses why India are losers


It may be that australia would continue his winning race for world cup?

yes actually he bet with you for Rs. 100/- whether India win this world cup or not so He wins.

Y do u think idia lost the match againsed srilanka?

An other excuse for Indian's bad performance ! though i agree that Chappel's policies could never suit India and he could not do any good to the team...but a coach can just tell you what to do, he can't handle the skills of the players...Sachin, Ganguly, Sehwag,Irfan, Dravid etc they are world class players...come on man! a coach can not take away their skills atleast ..and sorry they didn't try to prove their skills even...Chappel was unfair to Ganguly and he had manipulated Irfan by making him concenterate on batting rather than a bowling..but still, He is not responsible for Indian collapse alone....All the team is responsible for it !
And Btw its ridiculous to believe that ACB has sent him to stop the "emerging super power"..if they wished so, they would have sent him to South Africa , NewZealand and Srilanka who should truly be called emerging super powers , not inconsistent teams like Pakistan and India !!

Iccworldcup on tv in dubai also channel & timming?

Yes, u got it right. India was the main & only threat that would have challenged AUS in their 3rd successive WC campaign. So Guru Greg has done his part.

He constanly changed opening combination for batting so nobody are at a constant pace to perform.

Same can b said of bowlers, India has 2 world class spinners in their ranks, Harbhajan & Kumble but he did not want them either of the two, forget playing both.

In last WC forget tht INDIA lost 2 AUS in finals but generally their overall performance Batting, Bowling & Fielding was good. Fielders like Kaif, Yuvraj fielded brilliantely & also scored some useful runs whenever mattered. But Guru Greg over a period of time kept them out of the team so as to affect their confidence & morale.

Also I wonder if anyone belongs to a particular origin country be loyale coaching other sides, even when John Wright was India's coach, India did not do well against NZ generally. SL has Tom Moody has it's coach, upto now he has done a good job but when it comes to tht final moment his heart & soul will b with AUS team.

Just imagine if u r Indian, played for India & then latter coaching the SL team & suppose in the WC final IND vs SL meet ur Heart & Soul is definitely b with India. I have no doubts in my mind what is my Heart says.

So I agree with u completely.

What is the official song for the Indian cricket team in the World Cup 2007??

You are absolutely right. But some persons, who are more than 15 in age, are so blunt that after this horrible debacle still they can not understand the "real game" played by Mr. Chappel for his Motherland Australia.

Can someone plz help me find pictures of cricket players for my 7 year old to download and colour in?

Yes ,yes you are absolutely right.

Which television chanel will telecast the all cricket world cup 2007 matches in india?

no its not true . no coach is supposed to do same as asked in question .

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