Do you think R Ponting will overtake Tendulkars ODI record?

They r very close on averages


Aus 108.20?

If Ricky Ponting scores his runs in such a rate Ponting would break most of tendulkars record including averages.But I doubt the number of centuries scored by Tendulkar in odi may be broken by ponting by the end of his career.

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No Ways Ponting Sucks Cheats

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Do u know how many ODIs punter has played?278. Tendulkar has played 381. Yet his average is about the same. I would like to see Ponting maintain this average for 2 years, bet you he can't. Tendulkar is modern cricket's greatest player.

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tendulkar's records can't be surpassed by anyone.

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Ricky Ponting could never pass Sachin Tendulkar's records. He will have to died and go to hell before he could even come close

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As on date Ricky have scored 10336 runs and 23 centuries in One Day Internationals whereas Sachin Temndulkar has scored 14847 runs and 41 centuries.

I do not think Ricky Ponting will be able to overtake the records of Sachin Tendulkar. Even if he manages to overtake his record for most runs scored in ODI, which will be
very difficult, he will not be able to overtake the record of number of centuries scored in ODI.

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The "demi-god" Tendulkar's star is fast on the wane. He should dedicate his time garnering more money while he still can...oooops sorry HE IS! That is after all the only thing that modern Indian cricket players are interested in $$$$$$$

Ponting is on the ascendency and will definately overtake these records in the next few years. After all he's still about a hundred matches behind the tarnished former "golden boy",without all the bullshite overwhelming hero-worship of Tendulkar to distract him!

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