Again its proved right that the format of this world cup is sad?

9 wicket loss in second round is not acceptable bagladesh and ireland is not a super 8 standard team.india and pak we miss you.. was it a fixed match ireland and bangalodesh by bookies


Where did the tradition of cricket caps start like the baggy green and other countries?

Why blame the format?
India & Pakistan does not deserve in the super 8.
Give bangladesh, Ireland chance they will flourish as a team.
Dont forget Srilanka, they were also minnows till 92 but look where are they today.

Australia cap number 400?

I am not sure whether Bangladesh and Ireland matches are fixed or not but I do believe that the format of this world cup is not good.I feel good teams have to play each other before elimination.

With BCCI doing nothing for Indian cricket why not bring in Lalu Prasad Yadhav as the president?

you can't blame the minnows for india's and pakistan's defeats.

We've lost 2 wickets already!?

no excuses for poor performances
these teams were done in by politics,complacency,highheade... homework and bitter individuality .

I want see free world cup cricket hilights?

yes i think it was fixed but look at the careers of the team players of India and pak ruined i think it is ICC who is the culprit for the format as they want Australia to again win and India and pak could have been a treat to them

How can i see free live cricket match through internet?

dont be such a sore loser, those teams obviously performed better than ind n pak, so get over it, theyre out .

Do you think the Indian cricket team members represent the poster child for classic chokers?

Yes formet of world cup is totally wrong. Not considering the past record of team is a sad thing. No body can imagine WC without India & Pakistan because both are ex WC champians. Only to increase the number of teams the ICC should not gamble with top teams. Actually only Eight teams worth to play WC India,Pakistan, Shri lanka, Austrelia, Newjiland, South africa, Ingland & west indies.By allowing the teams like barmuda, ireland, canada & bangladesh in WC, ICC put unbearable salt in the food of WC. Each & every people know that cricket is is a game of uncertinity then why big teams have been compelled to play against teams of only name. It is the very unfortunate that due to existing formet of WC, teams like India & Pakistan are out of WC. One thing more If those four small teams were not in WC then how Bookies could fixed the match, in other wards ICC opened the way for bookies by allowing four small teams in WC.It is very sad that the teams playing the cricket regularly and having experience in cricket are out of WC only due to one defeat. One can recall that due to bad formet of WC of 1992 South Africa had to score 22 runs from one ball. What a joke that was due to which South Africa was out of WC of 1992 Inspite of playing very good in that WC.

Which team is hot favourate for this 2007 cricket world cup winner?

talk about sore losers,if India was good enough they would still be in .
Keep Dreaming India

Can India Win The Series Of Hero Honda Cup?

Never.Bangladesh has once defeated India.Also they defeated Australia ,New Zealand,Pakistan....They repeated the same.That's all.

Who will a little master in cricket worldcup'07?

Ha!Ha!! Now that Bangladesh has formatted India's hard drive and all the past has been erased, why do you feel sad! These players have a wonderful bank balance, what if they scored zeroes?

Why not let us make our 'own' lives better for a change?

How can i get into the indian cricket team?


after reading this forum that past week I'm even happier that Ireland and Bangladesh made the super 8's

the Indian fans should be embarrassed how they are behaving on here,show some humility and be gracious in defeat,its only 4 more years to you get another chance.

Should indian cricket's test status be taken away?

The format is totally wrong. I am not saying so coz India & Pakistan got knocked out , but purely on logical grounds as detailed below :

ICC included as many teams as possible, so that they could increase the number of matches. Now with 16 teams they could not allow the minnows to play too many games, so they thought that have a quick wham-bam first round & then move to round - 2 (called Super-8).

However 1 bad game by India & 1 bad game by Pakistan, resulted in both these teams getting eliminated even before the World Cup had picked up momentum.

The ICC, Advertisers, spectators & fans were all dumb-struck !

On the other hand 1 good game by Bangladesh & 1 good game by Ireland allowed them to progress to the next round , however now in the next round (Super - 8) they cannot progress by beating any 1 or 2 top-level teams, they need to beat at least 4 top teams. And that will not happen, as you can get lucky once or twice, but not again & again or everytime. Watch the results after the Super-8's are over both these teams will be at the bottom of the group without any major wins against any of the top teams.

Who do you think is the best Batsman in the world at the moment?

The matches were not at all fixed. Unfortunately India and Pakistan failed to perform to their potential which caused their early exit from the world cup. In the past also minor teams like Kanya and Zimbawe have entered in the second round and Kenya had even entered the semi finals.

Who has become the man of the match for the most number of times in this world cup? &how many times?

The exit of India and Pakistan from Round 1 of WC2007 will be debated for a long time. From the manner in which both Bangladesh and Ireland are performing in Round 2, I also feel there is something fishy fishy. But unless it is proved beyond doubt that the matches were fixed, we cannot say for use. You saw the news in some TV channel today, that senior players of India questioned for their lack lustre performance against Bangladesh. The truth should be brought out for the betterment of the game.

Can India win 2007 cricket world cup?

no one can help that they lost to weaker nations

Bangladesh the team which played beyond their potential in 2007 Worldcup?

Yes...if because of one loss to Bangladesh..india is out and Bangladesh is playing 6 matches ( with defeat in every match), surely format is wrong!

ICC is not able to think beyound money and have lost money also with India and Pak out of game!

Multiple matches at beginning and few matches in next round would have been better.

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