"NULL & VOID CRIKET World Cup 2007 " Due to bad pitches & wheather, good players could not perform Yes or No ?

Again to be re-organize in any other country this year in the month of Nov./Dec 2007 .


How to install ea sports cricket 05?

It is not all that bad.Still the conditions are the same for all the teams.A good team should be able to win on any pitch and under any conditions.
Six sixes in six balls.
Four wickets in four balls.
The above world cup records are the answers to your question.

What is it that you LIKE the most and HATE the most about the Indian cricket team?


Just because, guessing from your name, your country didn't even make the Super 8s doesn't make it a bad world cup.

The top 4 1 day nations have made the Semis, so how can it be Null & Void


neah yaar! sab countries ki board politics, india ke sade hue us greg coach aur match fixing is reason for pathetic world cup ever ,yak!!

DOSEn'T AUSTRALIA get BORED of winning again and again (in cricket)?


Who thinks rain ruined the cricket world cup 2007?

You are partly right regarding the structuring of the format where good teams were eleminated in few matches in the preliminary round, however we cannot take away credit from the good innings of some players and classic team displays also.

Whats your view about rahul dravid?

itotaly agree with you

Semi finals and final world cup 2007 What do u thnk?

you are right.i am with you man

Where can i watch live World cup cricket online?

Not always, true. Look at Mathew Hayden. He is in solid form, you see. (It is not easy to score 3 centuries and 1 half century in a single world cup, wherever it is).

Who will be the future captain of India?

read about the GAME of cricket - a game played by gentlemen, in a manner befitting gentlemen, regardless of pitch, weather or outcome - one would shake hands with the opposite team and RETIRE to the dressing room as either...a winner or loser, more importantly... always as a gentleman!

Where can I watch the final of the Cricket World Cup in Philadelphia?

What a load of rubbish,Some teams are managing to play great cricket regardless of weather or pitch.
Some are just looking for excuses for teams that didn't perform well. A good player can play well under any conditions

Who holds the record for batting out he full innings in one day cricket 2 times?

The venues were fine and there are great teams out there who will still be fighting for the top spot.dont count out this WC just because your team is sh***t.

Is there any chance for india entering into super six?

You are talking things beyond logic. No one can blame the pitches as many centuries have been scored in these pitches and no participant country has raised any adverse remarks about the pitches. It is not at all correct that good players could not perform well, as Mathew Hayden, Rickyt Ponting, S.T. Jayasuriya, Kelvin Pietersen, Scot Styrish etc. have performed well in this tournament. Just because players from your own country could not perform well, you cannot call the pitches bad.

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Is India the most overrated Cricket Team in the World?

No eg Hayden

Is india need a new coach?

I dont think so hayden is playing well smith plays well and other are also

Which tv channel in UK is showing world cup cricket?

You are absolutetly correct 2007 world cup cricket is Null & Void for Indian/Pakistan Fans due to following reason ;
-Sachin,Lara,Inzmam,Flintoff not played/Performed well in this cup and their team out so early.
-reason was only that they didn't played good.
-other players like hayden,murali,jayasuriya,kevin pieterson,Ponting,Scott Styris,Hershelle Gibbs are playing as evergreen.
so finally it is to be said ,its a good enough to not be allowed for re-organised.

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