Are pitches of West Indies suitable for big events like World Cup ?


Is the Ground Support an Important factor?

It shows how good player you are in this situations.

Do you remember Ben Hollioake [RIP]?

yes very much suitable, its just indian team is not suitable to play for big events.

Should Indian people discard products endorsed by cricket players.?

yes,why not.!

Who won the 2nd test match india vs. south africa?

west indian pitches are one of the best bowling pitches around. they are dry and thus enable both spin and fast bowling . batting there is also fun the balls are pretty predictable but the out pitch is a bit slower than indian pitches . they are a result of frequent rains .

Why indian cricketers playing a bored match?

Though there was speculation prior to start of world cup that pitches in West Indies are slow, the pitches have been turned out to be very good and ideally suited for ODI.

How can i watch world cup cricket for free on my pc from ?

Too late to ask this question - ha ha ha.

Suitable or not, it is underway and quite advanced too. Our stars are back in their own backyard and the show goes on.

If your question is related to inability of India to progress - the blame the playing conditions. We should get the rules changed - India bats 50 overs, boundaries are moved to 30 yards and fielders have to have their hands tied behind. While India fields, other than two batsmen batting, the rest of the opponents team should field.

What a dream World cup it would have been in West Indies then irrespective of whether pitches were good or not.

Please help?

Pitches in the west Indies are as good as any pitch in the world. I doubt if the quality of the pitch should be of concern. What one should be concern is that when i go to a world event of any kind in the west indies,will i be able to concentrate on the issues of the game or enjoy the game to its fullest. what ever that game might be it will certain be hard to ignore the beauty of the Caribbean.

Do u think bangladesh will emerge as the next cricket giant in south asia?

...I was about to answer this question but all the posters above me have already done so!

Thanks all!

Who should be the next captain of india if not dravid?

thats why it is called the world cup, teams from around the world come and play in the host nation. teams should be able to adapt to the conditions. its good to see games which are played differently.

Who holds the record for highest number of wicket in odi and how much?

Yes do not forget those pitches have given some good cricketers. Spartan

What time is india vs bangladesh going to start a new york time in world cup cricket?

They really tell what worth a team has.See Indian team which is a paper tiger, coming cropper

How do you feel about Sri Lankans Victory?


Is this match>" The Rehearsal of Finals...?

Pitches do not matter much.

Choose the 15 for Pakistan's WC2007 squad...?


their pitches are wayy better

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