I live in america.is there a channel at which i can watch cricket games?


Which Sardarji Indian leg spinner of testcricket used to cry on fields when catches were dropped on his ball ?

All right dude, this depends on what network you have, if you have sattelite then you can order it, if you do this get it from DirecTV not DISH Network, the quality is much better on DirecTV. Also you can keep up with live stats at www.cricinfo.com. Also, cricinfo.com has this little thing where you can watch the games in 3D animation (it's pretty cool)

DirecTV uses channels 2027 and 2028
Sorry don't know about DISH Network
GO WEST INDIES!!!!!!!!...

Super Eight: is it as complicated as it sounds?

if u want a tv channel

Who are the famous cricketers that use ?

watch it online on

Why Bangla Rahim Try to Hit Keeper with a bat?

i live in in America too but we have to pay too much for world cup, i think it is about 199$ for whole world cup, i can't waste my money to watch world cup, see if u can buy, call direct TV!!

i just enjoy cricket by live commentry on internet!!

Im watching the world cup cricket, what do you think the reasons for the Bob Woolmer murder were?


We watch through this :-)

Did anybody meet an indian cricketer?

you have to buy the chaanle

Is Shaun Pollock one of the best bowlers of all time?

You can watch world cup live.


Which cricketer is known as the Rawilpindi express?

u have to have some program like atn

Which Channel or Channel provider will be telecasting the 2007 Cricket World Cup in Hong Kong? It is urgent?

Well if you want to catch up on the latest cricket news from mutiple sources and watch live cricket on the Internet, I would go to http:///www.topsamachar.com/cr... It also also news in different categories nicely packages in one place.

Courtney Waslh and Curtly Ambrose took how many wickets between them?


What is the address of LAXMIPATHY BALAJI?

This is the best site for Live Cricket Streaming links for World Cup 2007.


So far this seems like the best after my 3 days research on internet.

They have more than 40 FREE links which all work perfectly.


Why Bob Woolmer died? Should foreign coaching be avoided as culture matching is critical in coaching.?

The one that worked for me was http://www.action8cricket.com try it and yes they update in last moments

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