Are Sri Lanka sore losers for accusing Adam Gilchrist of cheating in the Cricket World Cup Final?


I wants to know the performance of Lara both form of cricket from 22 march 2006?

But I stress only those one-eyed supporters who are involved in ongoing maligning of the Aussie team and its players.

I always thought of Sri Lankans as a decent side and people, so was extremely disappointed to witness the rabid hatred displayed by a few correspondents (whom I'm beginning to recognise) on this forum!

So no ill will towards the general populace (that would be immature and ridiculous, like these particular fanatics).

Naturally in defense of ones country, unfortunate and intemperate remarks can be made.

I suggest that everyone "bury the hatchet" and get on with rebuilding their sides and enjoying forthcoming matches.

Also I just heard the MCC has said that no breaking of rules or spirit of the game has occurred. So the issue is ended.

Which country have more chances to win? SL vs India?

No cos if its against the rules to have the squash ball there something must be done. we will have to see what happens

Who was "the man of the match" of the match played yesterday between south africa & australia?

Its nothing about cheating. Finals are over. So there's no need to cry out new. You can't cry over spilt milk! Sorry lankans.
For ICC:
Give a 10% match fee for Gilly and ban him and ban him for 1 or 2 ODIs.

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Without a doubt. If he got out for a duck they wouldnt have said anything

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i do feel so.. why do they have make a big issue now when the world cup is over? they can't play the matches again right? yes..i definitely think that sri lankans are sore losers for accusing Adam Gilchrist of cheating in the Cricket World Cup Final!

Who is the best team in WC-2007?

They were at a loss whether to protest or not in the first place. When some sort of protest was aired by the Lankans, ICC comes up with a stupid answer that carrying a squash ball was something like wearing inner garments. If the protest had been made immediately after the match, the Aussies would have laughed at them saying 'you poor guys you don't know how to cheat'.

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Who are the losers
lions are the losers

who are the cheaters
we are the cheaters

who are the champions
cheaters are the champions

In which year India won the Cricket World Cup ?

is there any way Srilankans and Australians could get along?? actualy this is getting too much !

Wht do u think who is responsible for this world cup disester for india is it "Dravid or Chepell"?

i dont really care, sri lanka bowled a five ball over against england in the super 8's, and that game was important,for semi final places. so * the sri lankans. i say ha ha. by the way i irish i support ireland im not english but i think the 5 ball over is more key than a **** squash ball inside a glove. i mean it doesnt really dictate how well he sees the ball(thats the eye), and then how well he hits it and times it(thats practice and talent) or how far it goes(thats the strengh), it just helps him grip the bat.
oh yeah, murali's bowlen isnt exactly without controversy,so give over about gillys batting.

Well!how do u feel west indies winning yesterday's match?


What is the reason for the end of WC07 for India so early?

yes they are and it is pathetic to see people behave so childishly

How many countries have participated in the cricket world cup so far?

NO WAY.. Actually v never 'accussed' anyone at all still. v r just considerin abt bringin it up in the ICC meetin just to clarify if it is allowed to ensure no further problems r raised abt it..

Anyway a squash ball is neither a piece of protective equipment or a piece of clothin (allthough the fools at da ICC think a bit differently... inner linin for da glove..wat bull) so technically i thk its illegal n unethical... especially as neither umpires nor mahela knew abt it until da end of da match...

anyway anyone knos that v lost due to bad weather.. hu da hell can concentrate on battin when they constantly talk abt stoppin da match every time a cloud goes overhead n also hu can c da ball at that time in da night.. losin da toss also meant da bowlers had no swing.. (otherwise gilchrist wud hav had no chance against malinga).

still its just a game so v r happy that v came to finals n anyone hu wud hav seen da reception that welcomed our cricket team home in da rain wud hav been able to c if v r sore losers... i wonder if there wud hav been even one fan waitin for aussies bak there if they had lost da finals.

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No,just because Gilchrist's act was unethical.

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NO... But these Aussies seem to have taken this a big issue. No wonder they also know that was just an illegitimate win for the Aussies.

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no. Whats gone is gone, but the rules have to be changed so that any cheating can be prevented in the future. Anybody who knows what a squash ball is made of and how it can be used to get a better grip and more force in the shots will know that this tantamount to cheating. The ICC (which is predominantly Australian represented) may have cleared him. I dont think there is an ill will or hatred by the srilankan towards the aussies, but their dodgy methods should be stopped in their tracks to bring about more fairness to the game. If it was a squash ball this time, maybe they might come up with a bat thats makes no noise when the ball hits in the next world cup ?? (so as to deceive the umpire and have no caught behind decisions against them). After all there is long list of dodgy tactics from aluminum bats to under arm bowls that they used to dominate int'l cricket. Maybe the third umpire should be given the task of inspecting and approving the equipment before a player goes out to the field, like in the professional wrestling circuit where each wrestler is a given a body search. This may seem humiliating to some, but something has to be done, about a team that comes up with some amazingly cunning and devious ways to win matches.

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