Abu Dhabi Cricket Series 2007: Pak vs Sri Lanka?

Is anyone doing a live telecast of this series in North America?


Why cant there be two different Indian teams, and selection based on performance?

yes the internet is telecasting the Abu Dhabi Cricket Series 2007: Pak vs Sri Lanka. This website works 100% on my computer but i don't know about your. It all depend on your internet speed. I have DSL.


Can anyone pls tell how to see cricket WC for free on PC. Pls help. Thanks?

Honestly I am not bothered more so after knowing from reports in the TV channels, Mohd.Asif who was removed from the Pak team on suspicions of doping(the camouflaged reason given was that he was dropped for reasons of injury) has been named the Vice Captain of the Pak Team. Where is cricket going. What about cricket being a gentleman's game et al.

Who was the first vice roy of India?

soory mate i am in canada too still its a mistery
now we cannot watch it internet too
rogers or bell...may be

Sanath jayasuriya Best batsmen in world cup 2007?

Goto: http://www.colombotown.com

What do u think about Cricket World Cup? Austrailia Cheated or not ->?

i dont know.....

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