1996 V.S. April 16th & April 28th?

Question:Will the Aussies be stopped from hat trick winning streak Cricket World Cups since 1999.. by Sri Lanka 2007 cricket team?

Is this the only South Asian team to beat the Aussies?

De Silva backs Sri Lanka chances

De Silva's century led Sri Lanka to victory in the 1996 final
World Cup winner Aravinda de Silva has tipped Sri Lanka to emulate the success of his 1996 side in the forthcoming tournament in the Caribbean.
"I honestly feel this side have a better chance than we had in 1996.

"The bowling looks good, the batting has depth and the fielding looks sharp. My money is on Sri Lanka," he said.

Sri Lanka begin their campaign with what should be an easy win over Bermuda in Trinidad on 15 March and then take on Bangladesh and India.
"In Lion We Trust."


Tournament favourite?

in April 16th they lost to Australia and the another match you told on April 28th is yet not decided, both Australia and srilanka are not qualified for the final till now, so wait and see what happens.

Can i watch every match in world cup 2007 on foxtel?

yes they can upset Australia.

Has anyone ever hit six sixes in a international cricket match?

In Carribean flavour.When lions & Kangaroos meet..

Honestly.this time SL prevent OZ to Grab the Coveted Trophy in siccessive Third time around.
As Aravinda predicts, I would rahte ..
Sri Lanka begin their campaign with what
should be an easy win over Bermuda in Trinidad on 15 March and then take on Bangladesh and India
i would call it as the best match among the matches lankans played in this world cup.
Australins other hand would try to save face.
so that simple fact gonna make this match really interesting.
west Indies cricket lovers go & watch the Rehearsals of the finals for free.
Lankans gonna give Australins agood fight &
who knows Lankans may win too.
cuz OZ is Arrogant & bragging..
lankans are the silent killers.!

go go go>>>>>>>>>>>>>

shoot shoot Bang Bang..
Kookaburas & Kangaroos gonna
Traqualized ...!

Here Rupee & Shaggy sings,

it's a beautiful game..
Lions like the Fame...
Kangaroos gonna be Lame.
Jayasuriya is his name...

I think every pakistani player has contribution to death of Bob Woolmar by playing wrecklessly,do you agree?

While both Australia and Sri Lanka are equally strong teams considering the way both the teams have been performing in the ongoing world cup, I give 75% chances for Australian victory.

What FM channel can you listen to ball by ball commentary of the cricket world cup?

I think Sri Lanka has everything they need to bring those kangaroos back to earth.

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