Are they going to build dhoni's wall back?

or now are they going to pray our cricketers again? india won right? dont u think we should be ashamed of ourselves that we do not support the indian team in its bad days?


Are srilankans better than india ?

i don't know about the wall but surely after india's performance the one who did that will be very embarrsed .i really don't know why don't they treat cricket as game only or either they need thier photos in the newspapers and news channels.

ICC Laws does not allow ...Gilchrist this unfair means?

when you perform well, the govt will reward you, people will cheer you, you have accepted it. so when you did not perform well obviously you have to accept all this from cricket lovers. dont blame the cricket lovers, they dont need to rebuild at all.

Who Will be man of the match in IRELAND VS BANGLADESH?

Hoodlums have no principles. They r not going to rebuild the wall of Dhoni's house. Goondas behave as if they r only patriots . Real patriots do not indulge in destructive activities. These r real traitors. They're criminals only.

Who lifts the heaviest cricket bat currently in the world?

Yes, Because the Match won the India & Dhoni's Batting well...

Who will be the man of the series in 2007 Worldcup?

not just wall but whole house

Do u know how much did irfan pathan and dhoni studied?

Tit for tat, when paly good we return you best viseversa if you dont paly well we return you worst.

Those limeys are getting rowdy. What do they want? Blood?

Yes, they will probably repair the damage!

Who were the 20 cricketers who played for Australia during its world record 16-Test winning streak?

you dont break players houses.
you have to break their legs.

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